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How KGUARD Makes The Ultimate Waterproof Key Pouch For Surfers

Whether you're on the Oahu's North Shore, California, Florida, or at any lineup in the world, you're going to need a place to keep your car key — it's a problem that unites us all. And the best solution is KGUARD. Photo by Cash Lambert

My all time low moment dealing with car keys came on a day when it was pumping on Oahu’s North Shore

The waves were a perfect 4-5 foot, with clean offshore winds grooming each wave.

I took one look at it, and seeing both the conditions and that the post-work crowd had yet to arrive, I knew I had to get on it fast. 

I parked on the side of Kamehameha Highway, grabbed my board and wax — didn’t have time to put on sunscreen — and ran down to the beach. 

While doing a quick stretch, I noticed my key fob was in my board shorts' pocket. 

If I paddled out with it, I’d destroy the key fob and cost myself some serious cash. If I ran back to the car, I’d be losing time in the water. And if I left it on the beach, it could get stolen, along with my car. 

All of these thoughts were running through my mind as an A-frame rifled through the lineup unridden. 

Then, a thought: I could bury it so that it wouldn’t get stolen!

I looked for the nearest bush, dug a hole with my hands, dropped the key in, filled the hole with my feet, and paddled out. 

The waves were great — clean walls that required a fast pop up and shot you out of a cannon as you went down the line. I scored wave after wave before the crowd hit, and then I paddled back in.

A word of advice from us: don't bury your key in the sand. Get a KGUARD instead. Photo by Cash Lambert

Once on the beach, the realization of what I’d done with my key hit me.

Did I seriously bury the thing? I thought to myself. 

I looked for the bush I had buried it in front of, and found myself staring at a row of bushes.  

Oh man, I thought to myself. This could be bad.

I picked a bush and started digging. No key. 

I picked another bush and started digging. No key. 

I looked to see if anyone was recording me for Kook of the day, and picked a third bush and started digging. No key. 

I went back to the first bush — something told me it was the right one — and dug another hole next to the first hole. 

There, I felt a key. 

Holding my sand-filled key fob felt just as good as the waves I had scored. 

That’s when I knew, man, I gotta get my key situation dialed. 

You may not have buried yours in the sand like me, but you may have left it on your car tire risking getting the key and your car getting stolen. Or you may have paddled out with the traditional key in your pocket only to lose it during a spin cycle. 

Maybe you have an electronic key that if it gets wet, it’s toast. Or maybe you just have a plain key, and you’re tired of dealing with lockboxes or trying to hide it. 

Regardless of where we surf and our skill level, we all face the same problem: what to do with our car keys while we surf. 

Because when it's pumping, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to figure out where to put your key. 

For myself, I needed something affordable. I need something reliable. And I needed something that wouldn’t get my key wet. 

That’s where KGUARD’s waterproof pouches come in. 

Affordable, reliable, and waterpoof: that's what makes KGUARD's waterproof pouch the best on the market. Photo courtesy KGUARD

I heard about the product from a friend, and wanted to check it out. 

I’ve tried lockboxes, but always forgot the code. I’ve tried pouches, but they proved to not be waterproof. 

I decided to put KGUARD to the test, and here’s why it’s become my favorite waterproof pouch on the market today. 

#1: KGUARD’s waterproof pouch is simple and easy to use. 

Actually, simple is an understatement. 

With KGUARD, there’s no key code or lockbox necessary. 

All you have to do is:

Step 1: Place the Key in the bag

Step 2: Prepare the lock by tying the cord and looping it through the seal

Step 3: Apply pressure to close the bag 

Boom! It’s done. 

Drop the key in the bag, fasten the seal, and you're ready to paddle out. Photo courtesy KGUARD

After that, just wrap the cord around your neck, and it can fit under your wetsuit, your wetsuit top or your rashguard

I didn’t even realize it was there when I was in the water. 

#2: KGUARD’s waterproof pouches are affordable for all surfers. 

Let’s do the math:

  • A replacement for a traditional key lost in the lineup can range anywhere between $25-$100.

  • A replacement for a key fob or smart key will be much more expensive, ranging between $200-$500. 

  • If you lose your key in the lineup and need to get back into your car, a locksmith will cost you around $150 to pop the lock.

  • And if you get your car stolen because someone else found your key, man, depending on your insurance, that could be tens of thousands of dollars — and many surf sessions missed because you don’t have a ride. 

Here’s the bottom line: you can prevent all of this with a $39 KGUARD waterproof pouch.

That’s right: for the price of 3 or 4 acai bowls, you can ensure that you don’t lose your key, have your key fob waterlogged, or get your car stolen if someone finds your key. 

KGUARD's waterproof pouch provides peace of mind, so you can focus on the waves and the lineup without any distraction.

#3: KGUARD’s waterproof pouch is exactly that: waterproof.

Ever since I started using KGUARD, I haven’t seen a drop of water in the bag. The makers have tested the pouch at some incredible depths, and here are the results: 

  • Sealed at 3 meters depth for 24 hours

  • Sealed at 40 meters depth for 4 hours

With KGUARD, you can rest assured that not only is your key safe; it’s not getting damaged by saltwater.

Waterproof and safe: that's what KGUARD stands for. Photo courtesy KGUARD


#4: KGUARD’s waterproof pouches provide a priceless Peace of Mind

In the lineup, you want to be focusing on the waves, not worry about your key or your car. 

With KGUARD, you can feel it on your chest and know it’s safe and not waterlogged. 

And that’s the biggest lesson I learned digging in the sand looking for my key after a surf session: that peace of mind is truly priceless. 

In a crowded market, KGUARD makes a product that is reliable, affordable, and easy to use.

That’s why we highly recommend it.


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