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The Best Men's Wetsuits for 2024

Updated: Feb 26

Surfing in the winter is a privilege — and wetsuits allow us that privilege. 

The goal for a men's wetsuit is simple: to keep you warm and be comfortable. Finding that may not be easy, especially considering how much money you are willing to spend on a high end wetsuit. Plus, once you've found a wetsuit, you have to clean it and take care of your investment.

In this article, we’ll break down the best men's wetsuits today, including those that are the warmest, most comfortable, and are made with the most eco-friendly materials.

What to Look for in Wetsuits Today 

Find a men’s wetsuit that is durable.

You never want to be the guy with a hole in his wetsuit. 

Not only does it look bad but it can seriously limit your session with the amount of cold water leaking into your suit. 

The durability comes down to the fabric and specs on the wetsuit. 

Neoprene has been appreciated for generations but like we mentioned above its not very environmentally friendly. 

So if you’re looking for sustainability check out some of Patagonia’s natural rubber suits. 

They are super reliable and long lasting but are usually on the pricier side.

Also look for suits with added protection on the knees and elbows. You want to protect the damage prone areas.  

Find an affordable men’s wetsuit. 

Wetsuits are never an easy purchase. 

Even wetsuits on the cheaper side are still a decent financial commitment. 

If you want something that will keep you warm for a long time, you’re going to get what you pay for. 

So don’t be afraid to spend an extra buck on a nice wetsuit … you probably won’t be buying another one for a while. 

Find a sustainable wetsuit. 

As surfers we owe it to the world to look after the environment. We spend more time in nature than most people so it's important that we preserve it. That includes how your wetsuit is being produced. 

Today, many brands are rethinking the way they go about producing their wetsuits. 

Many brands, like Patagonia, are beginning to switch to a natural rubber fabric for their wetsuits. 

As surfers, we want to preserve the earth and its oceans for as long as possible, and that comes into play when considering a men’s wetsuit. 

The 10 Best Men’s Wetsuits 

An undeniable leader in the fight against climate change and environmental issues, Patagonia’s wetsuits are leading the fight against neoprene with their 100% neoprene free wetsuits. 

The Yulex Regulator series of wetsuits is their latest installment of sustainable suits. The price may be high ($479-639), but this wetsuit the gift that keeps on giving. 

At the end of the day that’s why you’re buying this suit. It’s also amazing quality, they’ve really refined their Yulex natural rubber formula.

They last a really long time and if for some reason something breaks on the suit, take it into a Patagonia store and they will fix it for free. 

There’s a ton of options on the suit like adding a hood or using front or back zip. They really cater to anyone’s liking.

Learn more about this men’s wetsuit.


Axxe is a lesser-known wetsuit company that makes really high quality suits. 

The Japanese based company does use neoprene for most of their suits, but they are some of the most comfortable suits you’ll ever wear. 

The Bohemian Chest Zip is one of their best suits and comes in a few different thicknesses. 

You do have to find a local dealer and get tailored for the suit though. It’s not as easy as ordering online.

The price tag  — $761 to $988 — does show the quality. 

They are hard to come by and for good reason. Not often do surfers get their wetsuits personally tailored to their bodies so if you get the opportunity spend the money because these suits are amazing. 

Learn more about this men’s wetsuit.

French company Manera is creating some of the eco-friendly suits on the market. 

Their ALT Steamer is another suit using 100% Yulex rubber. 

They are highly praised among the surf community for their warmth and snug fit.

This is one of the only wetsuits using 100% natural rubber, so it's super sustainable. 

Manera prides themselves on a good fitting wetsuit and this one is no exception. Very little water is allowed into the suit due to their unique design/production process. 

Best of all, there’s tons of other options outside of the ALT, from different colors and hoods

Learn more about this men’s wetsuit.


It wouldn’t be a wetsuit list without a feature from O’Neill. 

A longtime go-to for surfers around the world, O’Neill has been at the forefront of wetsuit production for years. 

Their iconic Hyperfreak series for $429.95 are wetsuits that deserve the attention. 

The inside thermal layer O’Neill dubs the “TB4 Firewall” keeps your body warm in the most frigid temperatures. 

The outside neoprene layer repels water masterfully and a snug fit keeps the water out. 

The price is much more manageable than other more sustainable options on the market. 

Learn more about this men’s wetsuit.

A more recent but big name in the wetsuit game is Vissla

They are extremely popular because of their price and high quality. 

Their latest suit, the New Seas V-Zip wetsuit at the price of $419.95, brings a lot to the game. 

The revolutionary V-Zip is a cool new design feature that increases mobility, keeps water out, and is easier to take off than most chest zips. 

The thermal lining retains heat while surfing and also dries really fast. 

They use high quality limestone based Japanese neoprene. Not the most sustainable but keeps you warm at a decent price. 

Learn more about this men’s wetsuit.


Northern California surf brand Feral creates quality men’s wetsuits. 

Their signature 3/2mm wetsuit for $415 is a nice balance between comfort and warmth. 

The neoprene they use is really high quality and better than most wetsuits out there. It also isn’t produced in the “cancer alley” like a lot of other neoprene. 

It’s pretty reasonable and good quality. If you’re looking for something outside of the typical wetsuit giants, this brand is a good starting point!

Learn more about this men’s wetsuit.

A staple surf brand for years, Billabong wetsuits can be found in pretty much every surf shop you walk into. 

The Furnace series at the price point of $419.95 are some of the best wetsuits they offer. 

Their neoprene is partially recycled and everything else is pretty much fully recycled material. 

They offer great surf hood options and different thicknesses, of course. The Furnace suit is a chest zip as well. 

Learn more about this men’s wetsuit.

Another powerhouse surf brand, Quiksilver wetsuits have been relied upon for supreme warmth and comfort for years. 

Their Everyday Sessions series at the price point of $249.95 is perfect for someone not wanting to make a huge purchase. 

They do use eco-neoprene that is better for the environment than most surf brands. 

Their wetsuits have thermal lining for retaining warmth and drying off quicker and plenty of other specs, offering both a front and back zip option and whatever thickness you need. 

Learn more about this men’s wetsuit.

Xcel has become a big producer of wetsuits in recent years. They have a lot of options depending on how much money you want to spend but their best suit is easily the Drylock series of suits for the price of 564.95.  

It’s definitely one of the warmer suits on the market. 

They have tons of cool features on the lining of the suit that allow the material to retain heat incredibly well. 

They use Yamamoto limestone based neoprene. Not the most environmentally friendly but will keep you warm. 

Plus, they offer a bunch of different options from hoods to different thicknesses!

Learn more about this men’s wetsuit.


Isurus is a smaller brand on the market but that just means they are able to produce higher quality products than bigger brands. 

The Evade series of wetsuits offers plenty of great features from warmth to supreme comfort for the price of $559.95. 

A combination of the Yamamoto Neoprene and Japanese Neoprene allows for maximum warmth.

Based in California, so is making wetsuits for a variety of temperatures. It will keep you warm all year long!

Plus, it has tons of cool specs, including a key pocket and a lot of different features for mobility. 

Learn more about this men’s wetsuit.

Men’s Wetsuit Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who makes the best quality wetsuits? Are more expensive wetsuits better?

There’s really not one right answer to that question. 

It really depends on what you need. If  you’re looking for warmth check out Xcel’s suits or if you're looking for sustainability look at Manera or Patagonia’s suits. 

For the most part, you get what you pay for in a wetsuit. So more expensive suits are probably better.

Q. What wetsuits does the military use?

The Navy SEAL’s typically wear camouflage suits. There’s usually a hood and some sort of radio or communication apparatus attached as well. 

Q. How much does a decent wetsuit cost?

A nicer suit will usually cost around $300-$600. However you can definitely find a cheaper suit that will get the job done. Vissla has nice suits for reasonable prices. 

Q. How thick are neoprene suits?

There is a pretty wide range of thicknesses to choose from.

Whether that’s a 2mm top or a 6/5mm hooded suit.

Typically, the colder the water, the thicker the wetsuit.

Q. What size wetsuit should I get? 

Depends on how tall you are and how much you weigh.

I’m 6 '0 and 145 lbs and I wear medium small, which means I’m taller but don’t weigh as much, so I need a longer suit with a slimmer fit.

Check out Xcel’s sizing chart here. 

The Bottom Line: Wetsuits for Surfing 

There you have it: the best wetsuits for men today! 

Once you make your choice, ensure you clean and maintain your wetsuit.

Although it may be hard to cough up $400 for a nicer suit, it will absolutely be worth it in the long run. 

On top of that, it's important to be sure your wetsuit isn’t hurting the environment which means even more money. 

Regardless, use this guide to make sure you find a men’s wetsuit that fits your needs!

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