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The Best Men's Rashguards of 2024

If you've ever been out in the water for hours on end or on a surf trip and didn’t bring a wetsuit top or rashguard, I’m sure you regretted it in the end.

Not only do rashguards prevent rashes on the upper body, but they also provide an extra layer of protection from the sun.

In this list, I have ranked the best rashguards on the market, considering both affordability and utility.

The Best Men's Rashguards of 2024

Florence Marine X, founded by John John Florence, a two-time world champion, is a sustainable and progressive surf brand that prides itself on top-of-the-line materials that are tested and proven.

The Long Sleeve Utility Hooded Rashguard is the best rashguard for any watersports on the market.

It is made of 80% recycled nylon and 20% spandex, offering UPF 50+ protection.

With a three-panel 5mm neoprene hood flap, it helps shield you from the sun.

The men's rashguard also features a boardshort loop to tie your boardshorts to the top, keeping both secure on big days. Additionally, it has a bungee key loop inside the pocket.

This all-around top is going to be the only one you'll ever want to use while in the water.

The Kai Lenny Hooded Long Sleeve, created by Hurley, is made of 60% neoprene, 32% nylon, and 8% spandex for the body.

For the upper and arm sections, it is made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex. It features a back zipper pocket for storage, and the bottom portion of the top has a toggle to tighten around the waist.

The hooded silhouette provides maximum sun protection to keep you out in the water for hours without getting fried. The high mobility makes this top a great choice for surfers, sailors, and free diving.

While the Hurley and Florence Marine X tops are snugger and tighter on the upper body, the Vissla Twisted Eco Hooded Lycra is more of a loose fit, making it ideal for just hanging out on the beach, above-water sports, and surfing. It is made of 80% recycled polyester and 20% spandex.

The Volcom Jack Robo long sleeve does not have a hood, but the material is well-made. It consists of 84% recycled polyester and 16% elastane.

The UV 50+ protection keeps your upper body shielded from the sun while giving you the cool and sleek black and white Volcom stone look.

If you aren’t looking for a hooded long sleeve rashguard, the Volcom long sleeve will do you justice.

Option 5: UV Performance Rashguard $40

The UV performance rashguard long sleeve is made by Matuse, a local southern California brand that makes some of the best wetsuits and water wear apparel in the game.

Just like the Volcom rashguard, the Matuse rashguard does not have a hood, but the material is some of the best Japanese neoprene that you can get.

If you want a top that is sleek and comfortable while lasting longer than most, check out the Matuse rashguard.

Personal verdict: I have had Matuse wetsuits for years and believe they are the best wetsuits on the market. If you are looking for more than a rashguard, check out their other items.

Best Men's Rashguards: Conclusion

If you are looking for an all-around top that will suffice for surfing, sailing, freediving, and more, then the Hurley and Florence Marine X tops are your go-to choices.

If a hood is just not your thing and you feel that they get in the way, check out the Volcom and Matuse guards.

Finally, if you are just chilling on the beach and getting in and out of the water and want a looser feel, then the Vissla top is for you.


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