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The Definitive Voice of American Surfing. 

America has always been rich in waves and stories of those who ride them.


For decades, we could find surf magazines at our local surf shop or in our mailboxes that told these stories. Words and imagery that educated, entertained and inspired — even to the point of taping its pages to our wall. But with the recent diminishment of surf media, we’ve lost much of this, leaving a void in our sport. 

That's why American Surf Magazine (ASM) exists: to tell these stories of waves and people who ride them. A digital platform and soon-to-be print magazine, ASM aims to educate, entertain and inspire — and give you something to tape to your wall. 


From sea to shining sea and beyond, ASM covers all that is American surfing. Regional contests, national contests, pro events. Icy, cold water sessions in the Northeast. Board-breaking barrels in the Outer Banks. Hurricane swells in Florida. High-performance sessions at Lowers. Longboard days in sunny Malibu. Waves of consequence in San Francisco. Empty lineups in the Great Lakes. Surfing against the best of the best on Oahu’s fabled North Shore. Dispatches from abroad. Surf shops, shapers — all this, and so much more. 


While our surf community has many qualities that set us apart — we ride different types of boards, we surf waves of different skill level, some compete while others are just weekend warriors — ASM exists to say that we are all united by surfing.

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