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Best Women's Spring Suits of 2024

Since the water is generally the warmest in the months of August and September, we figured it was the perfect time to dial in on some of the best women’s spring suits for surfing on the market right now.

In this article, we will look at a couple different surf brands and see what makes their spring suits worth a purchase.

What is a Women’s Spring Suit?

A spring suit is a specific type of wetsuit that works best when the water may be too warm for a full suit, but also a little too cold to just be wearing a rashguard or a wetsuit top.

The majority of women’s springs suits come in two different styles.

Both have full length arms, but one has a cut resembling bathing suit bottoms, and the other has a cut resembling shorts. Additionally, there are spring suits that are called long johns.

A long john has the cut of a tank top, but connects into a full length wetsuit on the legs.

Each of these spring suits are great for navigating the in between seasons of warm and cold water.

What Makes a Good Spring Suit for Women?

Although there are many factors that go into making a good springsuit, most surfers value how comfortable and warm they are.

As the water begins to heat up, many people cannot wait to jump out of a stiff fullsuit that feels as if it is restricting their arms from paddling.

With that being said, one of the pros of wearing a spring suit is that it's usually thinner and more flexible so that you can paddle and move with ease.

Despite the fact that the suit is made with a thinner material, it should keep your upper body warm and blocked by the wind.

What Qualities Should You Look For in a Women’s Spring Suit?


Just like any other wetsuit, one of the primary concerns with springsuits is how well they can withstand being stretched, stomped on, and thrown around.

There’s nothing worse than getting a hole in your wetsuit that leaks in cold water, and ultimately defeats the purpose of your purchase in the first place.

So, make sure that whichever suit you choose, it is made with sturdy material that will last you a few years before having to replace it.

Price of Women's Springsuit

Depending on how often you are planning on wearing this springsuit, your price range may vary.

If you are an avid surfer that is out everyday, or multiple times a day, you may be willing to invest a few extra dollars to ensure you are getting the best quality suit.

However, if you are looking for a suit that you will only wear every once in a while, you could look for some spring suits on the lower end of the market.

Style of a Spring Suit

One way in which women's spring suits differ from full suits is that they come in many different shapes, colors, and designs.

With that being said, there are so many different options for you to choose exactly which suit fits your style best!

The 10 Best Women’s Spring Suits Today

The Salty Dayz Springsuit comes in two different styles which are both 2 mm in thickness.

The women's spring suit itself is made out of recycled pro stretch neoprene which ensures that the suit is both comfortable and flexible.

Customers who purchased this suit attest that it is both comfortable and true to size!

Learn more about this women's spring suit option.

The Spring Fever Springsuit is almost identical to the Salty Dayz springsuit, except it features a short cut rather than a bikini cut.

Taking that into consideration, this suit might be more sturdy while surfing, however it could leave you with a shorts tan line.

One other difference about this suit is that the zipper is located on the back.

Learn more about this women's spring suit option.

This spring suit is relatively similar to the Spring Fever suit, in the manner that it is a short cut and has a back zip.

A notable difference is that this spring suit has a longer inseam on the shorts meaning that you might not have to adjust your suit as much while in the water which could improve the comfortability factor.

It also is made of stretch flight eco neoprene to meet your flexibility needs.

Learn more about this women's spring suit option.

Seea’s Yulex long jane is another great option to paddle out in on sunny days.

While the price point may be on the higher end of the market, Seea is well known for making suits specifically for the comfort of women surfing.

Plus, the women's spring suit is made out of a material called yulex which is known to be extremely durable and flexible.

You can find this same style of suit on their website in a few other different designs!

Learn more about this women's spring suit option.

The Sunset springsuit is another one of Seea’s yulex creations.

With the same durability and flexibility of the long jane, you can switch out the sleeveless look for the long arms and short legs. Unlike the other short designs from Roxy and Billabong, this suit has a front zipper.

Learn more about this women's spring suit option.

Nineplus Ladies Swim Minx 1mm Black Trim $199

Nineplus crafted a women's spring suit that despite it being only 1mm thick, it has the ability to keep you incredibly warm. Every suit this company has is made with yamamoto smooth skin neoprene.

This material is known to not only be lighter and warmer, but also dry incredibly fast.

Learn more about this women's spring suit option.

Nineplus Ladies Long John, Farmer Jane $299

The Nineplus Long John, or Farmer Jane, is also made out of yamamoto neoprene, but has a little bit of a higher price point.

Since the suit itself does cover more of your body, this would be a good option if you are looking to stay a bit warmer, however the price point does reflect that.

Learn more about this women's spring suit option.

The Sisstr short Spring Suit is made of Japanese limestone based neoprene in an effort to make it softer and stretchier while you are putting it on.

This women's spring suit comes in three different designs that range from $126 to $150.

With Sisstr wetsuits, you will also have a 1-year warranty where you are able to return the wetsuit if it doesn’t live up to what it claims to be.

Learn more about this women's spring suit option.

The Summer Seas Spring Suit is the one for you if one of your primary values is the design or style of your suit. This suit has a more flattering cut and comes in 4 different designs for you to choose from. Plus, it is still made out of flexible Japanese limestone neoprene for flexibility and comfort.

Learn more about this women's spring suit option.

Last but not least is Patagonia’s Women’s springsuit.

This is another option for those of you who are willing to put in a little extra money towards your purchase.

One special feature about this suit is that it is made with a Salmi zipper which is used to have a tighter seal to keep water out and increase the lifespan of your wetsuit.

Learn more about this women's spring suit option.

Conclusion: Women’s Springsuit

After reading this article it is clear that there is no shortage of spring suits on the market, however it is important that you choose one that works best for you and that you will get the most use out of.

Whether that is one that is most stylish, low costing, or the most durable, is totally up to you.

We hope that these options were helpful in your decision making and you are satisfied with your next purchase!

If you're looking for additional women's surf gear, check out these swimsuits that are built to withstand all things surfing.


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