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The Best Women’s Swimsuits for Surfing Today

When it comes to choosing the perfect swimsuit for all your surfing endeavors, there are a few key factors to consider.

In this article we will take a look at these elements and brands that have crafted the best swimsuits for surfing with those elements in mind.

So, take a look at the options that caught our attention and see if any are a fit for you!

What Should You Look for in a Women’s Swimsuit?

The four main qualities you should look for as you search for a new surfing swimsuit is the price, durability, comfort, and style.


A typical bikini or one piece can range anywhere from $80 to a little over $100.

Even so, some swimsuits that are made specifically for surfing can be a bit more costly due to thicker materials or intricate designs that they are made with.

These alterations may cost you a few extra dollars, but they are added to increase warmth and comfort as you are surfing.

So, aim for suits that are within that $80 to $110 range, but if you find one pricier and with features you value, go for it!


The last thing you want is for your new investment to rip or start falling apart.

Since women’s swimsuits tend to be relatively expensive, you want to ensure that they are made with durable materials that can withstand all the surfing activities you wish to use the suit for.

Some key words to look for are flexible/ flex, thick, and soft/ ultra-soft.


The major separation from a regular swimsuit to a swimsuit for surfing is its comfort factor and its ability to stay in place while you are moving around.

One of the most frustrating things is having to constantly readjust your suit while you are out in the water.

Instead of focusing on your session and enjoying the ocean, you grow frustrated and sometimes even have to get out of the water.

To avoid these frustrations, look for a swimsuit designed specifically to stay in place. Designs such as thick straps, long-sleeves, and high-waisted or wider cut bottoms can all improve your surfing experience.


Each surfer has their own style while riding a wave, so why not use your choice of swimsuit as another way of showing your unique style?

Just like your everyday clothes, swimsuits for surfing can come in many different patterns, shapes, and sizes.

Finding a suit in your favorite color or a design you like best can help you narrow down your purchase.

The 10 Best Women’s Swimsuits for Surfing Today

Jolyn Brandon Swim Onesie

The Brandon Swim Onesie is one of Jolyn’s best-selling swimsuits for surfing.

Jolyn is a crowd favorite for women in water sports because their suits are proven to stay put while you move around and can withstand the salt water.

Knowing this, the Brandon Swim Onesie is a great choice if your priorities are comfort and durability over style.

One downside to this suit is that it only comes in solid colors and doesn’t have the most flattering cut.

They make up for these downsides with the low price point of $64.

Learn more about this women's swimsuit.

Jolyn Tomcat Bikini Top & Natia Bikini Bottom

If you prefer to wear a bikini over a one piece when surfing, these are our picks for you — the Jolyn Tomcat Bikini Top ($38) & Natia Bikini Bottom ($36)

Once again, we went with Jolyn because of their long-lasting durability and sturdiness.

These specific bottoms are one of Jolyn’s few highwaisted options which add some extra comfort and security while you are surfing.

To add, the Tomcat Top is a great pick because it has adjustable straps that cross in the back so you can adjust it to as tight as you’d like.

Plus, the front features a few cutouts to add to the style aspect that you may be looking for.

The Hermosa One Piece

Seea’s Hermosa One Piece is a swimsuit with a design that you don’t see everyday.

Unlike the typical one piece, this suit has long sleeves and a tie in the back, which makes it great for surfing.

A few things to note about this pick is that it is over the average price range — at the price point of $155 — and has the most coverage.

This swimsuit is made with flexible materials, is fully lined, and comes in 12 different styles.

The Hermosa One Piece.

Knowing this, if you are seeking maximum comfort, durability, and a variety of styles to choose from, take a closer look at this suit because the extra money spent might just be worth it.

Learn more about this women's swimsuit option for surfing.

The Vega Bikini Top & Bottom

The Vega is Seea’s take on a surf bikini that is a vintage-inspired look, has various colors to choose from, and is extremely flattering.

The bottoms are a medium rise with medium coverage which ensure that they stay in place when surfing, but still allow you to have a little less coverage.

Seea's Vega Bikini Top and Bottom.

The entirety of the suit is made with polyester and spandex material which holds tight against your skin, but is still flexible to follow your movements.

Again, this is a pricier option ($75-$80 each) but is definitely a good choice for those of you who value the style and design of your suit.

Learn more about this women's swimsuit.

Inner Realm Tango Shorts & Chi Chi Bra Cup Top

The Inner Realm Tango Shorts & Chi Chi Bra Cup Top — $56 ea — include alternative shorts as bottoms and a more classic women’s top.

The tango shorts offer more coverage than a typical bathing suit bottom, which ensures that you won’t have to readjust them.

Inner Realm's Tango Shorts.

Inner Realm’s top, although it is a flattering cut, it is still made with adjustable straps and a supportive underwire which helps it stay in place when surfing.

Inner Realm's Chi Chi Bra Cup Top.

Plus, the brand is always coming out with new and trending designs that could be just what you are looking for if you like to steer away from solid colored suits.

Winki Suits Gidget Top & Bessie Bottom

Winki suits are made out of a 1mm neoprene which is a thicker material than what most swimsuits are made out of.

This material is meant to mimic the feel of a wetsuit, holds in place more efficiently but is still smooth against your skin.

Both the Winki Suits Gidget Top ($53) & Bessie Bottom $59 top and bottom have fixed straps and waistband which once again contribute to its ability to hold in place. If these features are ones that stick out to you, take a look on the Winki Suits website and pick one of the many different patterns that these two pieces come in!

Sisstr Elaine Bandeau Top & India High Waist Bottom

Sisstr Elaine Bandeau Top ($58) & India High Waist Bottom ($54) are one of Sisstr’s newest arrivals that comes in two different colors.

The pair offer mid-coverage, enough to hold their place, but not too much to prevent you from letting in the sun for a summer tan.

Some characteristics to note on the bandeau top are the criss-cross, adjustable straps, and the high neck top.

These two characteristics stop water from pulling your suit down as you swim underwater or duck dive when surfing.

Similarly, we see that high waisted bottoms are another go to when it comes to bottoms that you want to surf in.

Billabong A/Div UPF 50 One-Piece Swimsuit

This Billabong one-piece says in the description that it is specifically designed for beach days full of activities.

With straps that cross in the back and a high neck cut, you can be certain that you won’t be worrying about the stability of this suit while you surf.

While the top offers more coverage, the bottom of the one-piece has a tinier cut to add a more flattering aspect to the suit.

Overall, this one piece does a great job of combining the sporty and stylish elements to create something that is as comfortable as it is pleasing to the eye.

Above all, this is a great option if you have a tighter budget, given its $69.99.

Learn more about this women's swimsuit option.

Rip Curl Sunrise Stripe Good One Piece

Another great one-piece comes from Ripcurl.

It is always a good idea to look for suits made from surf brands that make their products with the intention of their customers surfing in them.

Knowing this, Rip Curl has a great selection of suits under the category of “Surf Suits” on their website. This particular one-piece stuck out because of its eye-catching design and durability.

Rip Curl's Sunrise Stripe Good One Piece.

The suit is made out of Microfibre Lycra® Extra Life™ fabric, has thick straps, and removable padding.

Even with all these perks, the one-piece falls within the average price point ($89.95) of how much an average suit should cost.

Learn more about this women's swimsuit for surfing option.

Carve Designs Tamarindo Top & Lani Compression Bottom

To round it off, we have a few options from Carve Designs.

Specifically, we singled out the Tamarindo Top ($52) and Lani Compression Bottoms ($62) because of their high ratings and aspects that are consistent with other suits that offer optimal comfort and durability.

The Tamarindo Top has an adjustable cross strap on the back.

Carve Designs' Tamarindo Top.

The Lani Compression Bottoms have a high-waisted cut and are made to hold tightly to your skin.

Carve Designs' Lani Compression Bottoms.

Though buying both pieces would bring you to a total of $114, Carve Designs has many different pattern options so you can pick a set that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Women’s Swimsuits for Surfing

In our list of the 10 best women's swimsuits for surfing, we've highlighted options that cater to different preferences and priorities.

Whether you value comfort, durability, style, or a combination of these factors, there's a suit that could be perfect for you!

Still looking for more female surf attire?


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