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The 10 Best Women's Rashguards

Updated: Mar 28

Comfortable and protected are the two most important ways you should feel while you are surfing.

Nobody feels comfortable or protected when they are constantly getting sunburned, stomach rashes, and, especially for women, worried about their bathing suit getting knocked off by the waves.

What is a Rashguard?

A rashguard is a staple piece to the surf closet that everyone should have.

In can take the place of a women's wetsuit, women's springsuit, or women's wetsuit top when surfing in warmer water.

A women’s rashguard helps to fight annoying things that will set back your surfing and take away from your experience.

One use for a rashguard is to protect your skin from getting a rash.

When surfing, paddling on your stomach is a quick route to getting a stomach rash from the wax on the board.

Wax has traction and for people with sensitive skin, it can irritate the skin quickly. Another use for a rashguard would be to protect your skin from getting sunburned.

Sunscreen can wash off quickly sometimes, so having the coverage of a rashguard will allow you to surf longer without having to worry about your shoulders, back, or frontside.

For women specifically, a great use of rashguards is to help protect your bathing suit from getting twisted or knocked off while surfing bigger waves.

You don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting your top after a powerful wave, plus if something happens to your top all of a sudden, you still have another top to protect you.

What to Look for in a Women's Rashguard

When looking for a new rashguard as a woman or for a woman, be sure to buy one that is going to last and is worth the money.

Rashguards aren’t very expensive compared to other surf gear, which is very nice, but you should still be aware that the more pricey rashguards are going to last longer due to better quality and production.

You can get a long sleeve rashguard or a short sleeve one, pick whichever you want because they provide the same benefits except the longsleeve ones offer more coverage from the sun.

A woman-fit rashguard will fit the body better.

Sometimes, unisex rashguards will be a little more baggy for women in order to fit men as too.

If you want a tighter and more comfortable fit, make sure you are buying a woman-fit rashguard before checking out.

The 10 Best Women’s Rashguards Today

Carve Designs: Charlie Sunshirt Women's Rashguard

The Charlie Sunshirt by Carve Designs is a great women's rashguard option because it is made to fit women, but isn’t too tight to where it is uncomfortably skin-hugging. The long sleeve rashguard’s designs are unique and are all very different colors as well. Even better, the rashguard, which sells for $60, is made from recycled plastic bottles, making this option sustainable and good for the planet.

Learn more about this women's rashguard option.

Athleta: North Point Women's Rashguard

The North Point Rashguard by Athleta is a simple, comfortable, and sleek style. This rashguard is more form fitting, great to keep the bathing suit underneath on while surfing and playing around in the waves. Some say it runs a little small, so if you need more chest area, maybe buy a size up. Us girls love our Athleta workout gear already, so why not keep sporting it out in the water. The color Black is $78 and Color Dress Blue is $29.97.

Learn more about this women's rashguard option.

Body Glove: Smoothies In Motion Women's Rashguard

Body Glove is known for their gear being comfortable and staying on while surfing. The Smoothies In Motion Rash Guard, available for less than $50, is a great short sleeve option with 7 different and pretty options to choose from! The rashguard itself is made with UPF 50 protection fabric to top it all off.

Learn more about this women's rashguard option.

Jolyn: Moana Long Sleeved Crop Rashie

The Moana Long Sleeve Crop Rashie by Jolyn is a simple, cute, and practical rashguard that is available for less than $50.

This rashie is tight and form fitting in a comfortable way to allow you to not worry about it while you are surfing. There are great aspects to Jolyn’s swim fabric that they use to make their products: High impact, recycled sea-flex fabric, UPF 50+, and recycled materials.

Learn more about this women's rashguard option.

Billabong: Core Surf Daze Hooded UPF 50 Long Sleeve Rashguard

Billabong has been around for a long time and knows exactly what surfers want.

What’s great about this rashguard option is that it’s not too tight, but just tight enough with a little wiggle room to be comfortable while protecting yourself and keeping your bathing suit from shifting while surfing.

The hood is thin and can help cover your scalp and neck during really strong UV ray days. If you don’t like hoodies on rashguards, you can just forget about it, don't wear it, and it won’t bother you.

The zipper down the middle of the front of the rashie allows you to adjust how high you want the rashguard up the neck and chest.

If you are sick of it while surfing, you can just unzip the front and surf with the back and arms still covered.

This rashguard, available for $59, comes in three different colors for now.

Learn more about this women's rashguard option.

The Seea: Doheny Rashguard-Jani

I chose this option of Seea rash guards because I’ve tried and love it!

Honestly, any Seea rashguard will give you great quality and last you an extremely long time.

My Seea products have survived for years and years. The Doheny Rashguard sells out fast due to popularity, so if you don’t mind waiting and watching for new ones to go on sale, it’ll be a smart purchase. The rashguard itself is 100% made from recycled materials and is available for $80.

Learn more about this women's rashguard option.

Sisstrevolution: Solid Beach Crush Women's Rashguard

The Solid Beach Crush Rashguard by Sisstrevolution is a cute, reliable, and unique style for a rashguard option for the price of $74. This rashie is long sleeved, tight fitting, and has a stylish open back that’s tied together on the top and bottom of the back. It’s sleek and practical at the same time while also coming in five different colors! The fabric used to make this product is 100% recycled Repreve fabric.

Learn more about this women's rashguard option.

Patagonia: Women’s Long-Sleeved RØ UPF Top

If you are looking for something simple, practical, and long-lasting, this is the rashguard for you. The Patagonia Women’s Long-Sleeved RØ UPF TOP is made to be fast drying so that you aren’t stuck in a wet top for a long time, even for other activities besides surfing like kayaking and paddle boarding. It sells for $59.

Learn more about this women's rashguard option.

Roxy: Whole Hearted Long Sleeve UPF 50 Rashguard

Roxy is a classic!

That’s why the Whole Hearted Long Sleeve UPF 50 Rashguard by Roxy is a great option for water women.

With five star reviews and a fair price, also with many color options, this rashguard that sells for $40 will keep you protected.

Learn more about this women's rashguard option.

O’Neill: Women’s Basic S/S Sun Shirt

Another great short sleeve option for a rashguard, the Basic S/S Sun Shirt by O’Neill is a retro-looking but simple option with good production features that sells for $35.95. To top it off, this rashie option has a wonderful and affordable price.

The rashguard has 50+ UPF, fabric 4-way stretch, rash protection, and has a tighter fit for comfortable water playing. There are also five pretty colors available to buy the rashguard in.

Learn more about this women's rashguard option.

Conclusion: Women’s Rashguards

With so many great options out there when it comes to buying a women’s rashguard, the most important thing is to buy whichever option provides you with the most comfort and protection for yourself personally.

A rashguard is an important piece of surf gear to have… so get one and get out there in the water for a longer amount of time while being the most comfortable you can possibly be!

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