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The Best Women's Boardshorts for 2024

I'll be honest: there are many fashionable swimsuits for women, but not many are very comfortable to surf in.

Although boardshorts for women are more difficult to find than those for men, boardshorts make for great surf attire for everyone.

Brands today have mae them fashionable, can be form or loose fitting, and more comfortable.

In this article, we will look at some of the best women's boardshorts on the market today, along with the most commonly asked questions associated with women's boardshorts.

Why Boardshorts for Women?

Boardshorts are a great option for surfing because they are fashionable, and most importantly very comfortable.

In the 90’s, boardshorts emerged into the surf scene and many different styles could be found for both men and women.

Now, things have died down for women, but we still see influential surfers such as Keala Kennelly and Caity Simmers rocking them out in the lineup.

What To Look For in Women’s Boardshorts

A few factors go into picking boardshorts that work perfectly for you.


First of all, material. Depending on the material of the boardshorts, it can affect the level of comfortability that they provide.

This goes hand in hand with the tightness and length of the shorts.

If your board shorts are too tight and made of rough material, they can lead to chafing and cause you to be constantly readjusting.

One way some brands try to improve the fit of their boardshorts is with different adjustability features. Some may have an elastic waistband or adjustable tie, so that it can fit different body types.


Another thing to consider is price. Some boardshorts are made of great quality and have outstanding reviews, so paying an extra dollar may be worth it.

However, if you are someone who likes to own many different styles of a product, you may want to reach for a cheaper option.


This brings us to the last factor, style. Everyone has their own personal style and what they like to wear.

With that being said, pick a pair of boardshorts that you like the best and will get the most use out of.

The Best Women’s Boardshorts for 2024

Next, we'll take a look at some of the best women's boardshorts to consider today.

O’NEILL South Pacific Women’s Stretch Board Shorts

O’NEILL’s South Pacific Board Shorts is made of hyperfreak stretch fabric to ensure that the product will keep up with all of your adventures and won’t leave you feeling any discomfort.

This product comes in 15 different styles that range in color and length which means you choose one that best fits you.

For $55, you are promised a flattering and comfortable pair of boardies that should last you for many years to come.

The only negative review under this item stated that the sizing was a little off, so make sure you know what size you are and double check it with the size guide before purchasing.

Learn more about this women's boardshorts option.

O’NEILL Women’s Water-Resistant Stretch Swim Boardshorts

Also coming from O’NEILL is the Water-Resistant Stretch Swim Board Short.

With more design and length options, these boardshorts are perfect for picking one that matches perfectly with your style.

These boardshorts range from $24.00-$40.00 and have a drawstring feature to fit to your waist exactly how you desire.

Learn more about this women's boardshorts option.

Roxy Women's Endless Summer 2" Boardshort

Roxy, one of the most well known surf brands for women, has top of the line 2” boardshorts that have flattering designs, and top of the line patterns.

These Endless Summer Boardshorts go for around $20-$45 and are made with fabric meant to stretch.

While surfing in these boardshorts, you won’t feel restricted and don’t have to worry about readjusting.

One downside is that they run a bit smaller and shorter than expected. So, if you are looking for boardshorts that are looser or have a bit more coverage, steer towards the 5 or 7 inch inseam boardshorts from O’NEILL.

Learn more about this women's boardshorts option.

Carve Designs

Carve Designs is a female-founded brand which began on the idea of creating high quality boardies for women.

This company has many great options that range around $58.

One specific design is the Banff Short, which comes in 6 different colors, and has a zipper hidden on the backside of the shorts for styling purposes. These shorts also have an elastic waistband which helps with mobility and sizing.

Beyond this, the product is made out of coconut balsa fabric which means that it is an environmentally friendly purchase.

Learn more about this women's boardshorts option.

Sisstrevolution Boardshorts

Another company with great options for women's boardshorts is Sisstrevolution.

With women in mind, this company has created designs that are both flattering and functional.

The sunshine fields boardshort is one design that stuck out to me from their many options.

For $58.00, there are 4 different style options which all have an elastic waistband and a drawstring.

These two features make it so that these boardshorts work for many different body types.

Learn more about this women's boardshorts option.

Best Boardshorts for Women: Frequently Asked Questions

Next, we'll take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions associated with women's boardshorts.

Q. What are women's board shorts used for?

Women’s boardshorts can be used simply as an alternative to a typical bathing suit, and for functionality.

Boardshorts are secured tighter to your waist and move with you, meaning you don’t need to constant;y readjust them.

Overall, boardshorts can be more comfortable and easier to surf in than other women’s surfwear.

Q. Do you wear anything under board shorts?

The choice between wearing anything under board shorts or not, is up to your personal preference.

While some boardshorts may be tighter fitting and comfortable without bikini bottoms on, others may be looser and better fit for wearing a bathing suit on under.

Q. What is the difference between swim shorts and board shorts?

While boardshorts can be multi purposeful and can serve as swim shorts as well, boardshorts are often made of a different material.

Since boardshorts are built to move with you as you surf, they are often made of more flexible material that is meant to stretch and flow with the movement of your body.

The Bottom Line: Women’s Boardshorts

Boardshorts are a great option for women's swimwear.

Although the amount of women we have seen wearing boardshorts today has decreased, there are still many companies creating great products that can help you look and feel great while out in the water.

Take a look at these different products and try a new look for this summer season.

Looking for more gear for surfing? Check out this women's rashguard guide or this women's guide to swimsuits for surfing.


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