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Tommy Coleman & Kylie Pulcini Win the 2024 Mike Martin Pro

Updated: Apr 16

Your 2024 champions: Tommy Coleman and Kylie Pulcini

“Mike would have been proud watching this.”

This line was said multiple times by the announcing booth during the Mike Martin Surf Festival — a 3- day surf event from April 12-14 on the sands of New Smyrna Beach

It was said when the event kicked off: rows of vendor tents, a crowded beer garden, and a two-story scaffolding serving as the contest centerpiece.

It was said as everyone at the contest watched some of the region’s best surfers slash and punt airs —with prize money and bragging rights up for grabs.

And it was said during the contest’s award ceremony, where equal pay was handed out to men and women alike — something Mike was a proponent of. 

The 2024 Mike Martin Pro contest site in New Smyrna Beach just before the first buzzer sounded. Photo by American Surf Magazine

Mike Martin, who passed away in 2016, was a member of the Smyrna Surfari Club, one of the longest running surf clubs in America. He was also the ASP’s first full time International Head Judge, and Co-Architect of the Rule Book.

He built the judging foundation that competitive surfing — from local contests to the World Surf League Championship Tour — now sits atop. 

In its 3rd iteration, this year’s Mike Martin Pro — with contest director Stephanie Brown at the helm — featured one big change. It combined with the SEV Chamber of Commerce surf event, and the result was the region’s two top contests running under one banner.

There were several attractions to the contest: rows of vendor tents where you couldn’t help but collect free swag, a beer garden, and morning workouts. Of course, the main event was 3 action packed days of surfing — a collection of East Coast amateur and pros — as a 2-3 foot swell filled the arena.  

Every heat on the men’s side of things was worthy of a final, including the likes of Evan & Eric Geiselman, Jeremy Johnston, Robbie McCormick, Michael Dunphy, Tommy Coleman, Cam Richards, Noah Schweizer and more. 

In a 25-minute final between Tommy Coleman and Noah Schweizer, patience and wave selection proved critical. The heat started slow, with both surfers eyeing multiple peaks. Tommy chose a long left and nailed a 8.67, later backing it up with a 6.5 to claim first place.

Tommy on the wave that cemented himself atop the Mike Martin Pro leaderboard. Photo courtesy Carol Sears Photography

“Winning this event feels great,” Tommy said after running down to the waterline and rinsing the beer shower off in the ocean. “Everyone wants to get a quick start, but in my heat that didn’t happen. That one left came through, and I did 3 turns and an air, and thankfully I landed it.”

Evan couldn't let Tommy celebrate without a beer shower. Photo courtesy Carol Sears Photography

When I asked Tommy what it felt like to beat the talented field of East Coasters, he smiled.

“I've looked up to Evan since I was a little kid, he’s like a big brother to me. Eric, same thing. I've shared a lot of heats with Noah and Jeremy. It feels good to be on top.”

The Men’s junior had its own share of fireworks, featuring Carl Burger, winner of the 2023 Tommy Tant Surf Classic, and Logan Radd, who had put up the highest wave total of the contest earlier on Finals day.

The two battled back and forth, with the heat score changing several times over. Carl was able to add one more wave to his heat total than Logan, which put him on top by a close score of 16.24 to 16.10.

The Women's final featured two women who had dropped high scores all weekend long: Kylie Pulcini and Eva Woodland.

Throughout the 25-minute heat, Kylie stayed busy paddling from peak to peak. Her 6 waves, including her highest wave of 7.00 cemented her first place finish.

Not only had Kylie scored runner up in the junior women’s heat (to Daya McCart, who ripped all weekend); it was also her first time surfing at the Mike Martin Pro contest. 

Kylie's well deserved chair up the beach. Photo courtesy Carol Sears Photography

“This is a super sick event and this is my first time surfing it, so it feels really cool to win,” the 16-year-old from Melbourne said. “My heat strategy is to always get waves fast, but since the waves were slow, I tried to move around and find the right spot. Since it was a 25-minute final, I stuck with priority and didn’t want to scramble if I could wait my turn for a decent wave.”

$3,500 for a weekend of surfing? Sounds pretty good to us. Photo courtesy Carol Sears Photography

With a $3,000 cash prize for first place in the open women's and $500 prize for runner up in the juniors, Kylie left with $3,500 — some of which will be spent on her upcoming travels to USA Surfing and Qualifying Series events. 

The true mark of a community event is that when the final horn sounds, those present don't pack up and leave. Instead, they stick around, hang out, and go surf. That was the case with the 2024 Mike Martin Pro. For all three days, the conclusion of surfing only meant that surfers could hit the beer garden and spent time with those in attendance.

That's why we love the Mike Martin Pro — and why, even though it's only in its third year, it's become premier surf event not just in the Sunshine State, but on the East Coast.

Stay tuned for announcements on next year's Mike Martin Pro. Special thanks to Contest Director Stephanie Brown, the Smyrna Surfari Club, the Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce, and the sponsors.

Mike Martin Pro 2024 Final Results


Tommy Coleman

Noah Schweizer


Kylie Pulcini

Eva Woodland


Daya McCart

Kylie Pulcini

Carlie Eastwood

Ava Lavender


Carl Burger

Logan Radd

Benji Lange

Teddy Wittema


Clay Garson

Wylie Garson

Beau Behrens

Hunter Vandergrifft


Emilee O’Barr


Tanner Brasol

Zander Bell

Asher Craft

Dominick Ramirez


Shawnie Whitaker

Jess Cusimano

Elena Brandner

Craig Roberts

Bridger Frederick


Gordon Alcorn

Joseph Weingram

Michael DeNato

James Cumiskey


Kendall Ferlito

Mallory Smith

Jayna Hamel


Heather Wilcox

Michael Bowblis

Jonathan Treece

Tim Snodgrass





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