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The Competiton Must Go On

Cold and grindy.

These are the two words that come to mind at the St. Augustine stop of the Florida Boardriders last weekend, but the show must go on. And American Surf Mag was stoked to be the only surf publication on the beach repping in the conditions.

In the famous words of Zander Morton: The Saint Augustine stop, despite the tiny surf and frigid air (for Florida anyway), was everything the Boardriders is about: 5 North Florida communities gathering 30 surfers and their families together for a day. 


The fact the waves were borderline unrideable was almost endearing. Who knew Cody Thompson and Rasta Robb could muster 8s on an ankle high wave? I’m not even sure they did. Ha. If not for the comp, nobody would have been surfing in those conditions, but we’re all from Florida, and days like Saturday are literally where we got our start. Good to get back to the roots sometimes. 


And Saint Augustine, after nearly beating Jax in the very first Boardriders comp a few years back, hasn’t sniffed a win since. So it was epic to see our hometown team bring the energy Saturday. Despite coming up a few points shy of our first team win, it was rad to jump from 4th to 2nd overall on the season and qualify for the Florida Cup again.

The families still made it look fun!

Thanks, Zander and Dane! Keep ripping. We love the Florida Boardriders community events. Freezing or hot. Rain or shine. Give 'em a follow here.

Per the Florida Boardriders site, the oldest city in America (St. Augustine) stop qualified two teams, with one spot left.

As it stands, Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, Space Coast and New Smyrna are all qualified, and it’ll either be Flagler or Treasure Coast joining the aforementioned clubs in Jacksonville in March. 

Here are the scores from the weekend:

1. JaxBR - 164.13

2. St Augustine - 159.44

3. Flagler 146.5

4. Daytona - 135.04

5. Ponte Verdra - 90.92

Note: special thanks to all the sponsors and brands that support Florida Boardriders and help make it happen - Sum Bum, Solbello, Fat Tire, Electric, Sobello, FCS, YETI, Bluebird Hardwater, and Surfing's Evolution & Preservation Foundation.


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