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The Best Skimboarding Books to Read

Updated: Mar 1

If you love skimboarding, you'll likely love to read about it — whether it's for entertianment or to become a better skimboarder.

Here's the best skimboarding books out there today.

The Best Skimboarding Books To Read

"Skimboarding: The Complete Guide" by Maria Moon

This book offers a comprehensive guide to skimboarding, covering topics such as choosing the right board, basic and advanced techniques, safety measures, and tips for improving your skills.

"Skimboarder's Handbook" by Perry Pruitt

A practical guide to skimboarding — which makes it one of the best skimboarding book to read today — that covers the basics of skimboarding, including board selection, stance, paddling, wave-catching techniques, and tricks for both beginners and more experienced riders.

"Skimboarding: The Unbelievable Fun That Is Skimboarding" by Gene Arnaiz

This book explores the thrill and excitement of skimboarding, featuring tips for beginners, insights into board types, and guidance on riding waves.

"The Skimboarding Bible" by Tex Haines

Though more challenging to find, this book is a comprehensive resource for skimboarders, offering insights into technique, wave selection, and ways to progress in the sport.

"Skimboarding: Everything You Need to Know" by Aaron Peluso

An informative book covering the essentials of skimboarding, including board types, riding techniques, tricks, and safety considerations, suitable for riders of all levels.

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