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The Best Skimboards Reviewed for 2024

Updated: Mar 1

In 1920, two lifeguards from Laguna Beach began the trend of skimboarding.

They used thin pieces of wood from a redwood tree and shaved them down to slide over the water.

This isn't your modern skimboarding of wave sliding on breaking shore break.

It was the wave gliding on sand as the water flowed over it that many of us did as kids, either with a wooden skimboard or boogie board.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Skimboard

Skimboards vary in construction, ranging from wood and foam cores to high-grade carbon fiber, which can cost nearly as much as a surfboard.

When buying a skimboard, look into the construction, the board's size, and the weight limit. The rocker types are typically either shallower or steeper.

There are many tail types as it can also play a factor in control and maneuverability.

The Best Skimboards for 2024

High Performance: Zap Skimboards: Fuse X Model Skimboard

Price: $610

This skimboard is the highest-performance skimboard on this list. The price is steep, but it is constructed entirely of high-grade carbon fiber.

The Gatorskin glass offers high stiffness, which creates increased sensitivity and take-off speed.

Level: Experienced 

50" | 19.6" | 3/4" | 9L | 150lbs | 5’0” – 5’8”

52" | 20.4" | 3/4" | 9.7L | 180lbs | 5’2” – 6’0”

54" | 21" | 3/4" | 10.5L | 210lbs | 5’3” – 6’2”

56" | 21.65" | 3/4" | 11.3L | 240lbs | 5’5” – 6’3”

High Performance: Victoria: Johnny Weber Pro Skimboard 

Price: $570

Designed with professional rider Johnny Weber, this design is stylish while maintaining performance. It has a swallowtail that increases maneuverability and control.

The increased width in the front of the board makes it easier to glide, giving you more time to complete turns and tricks on the wave's face.

Level: Experienced 

XS | 70-100 lbs | 49.0″ x 19.0

S | 100 – 150 lbs | 51.0″ x 19.7″

M | 130 – 180 lbs | 53.0″ x 20.5″

L | 160 – 210 lbs | 55.0″ x 21.3″


Price: $280

Midlevel high-performance fishtail skimboard that will allow you to progress while not leaving a dent in your wallet.

The benefits of a fishtail with side wings for sensitivity. Buoyant & highly maneuverable. Smooth at multiple angles and with varied stances.

Level: Intermediate to Experienced

Size: 51 1/2″ x 20 3/4″ x 5/8″

Weight Limit: 200 lbs

Price: $235

The Exile Exo board is the mid-level choice for those seeking a semi-high-performance skimboard at a fraction of the cost. The epoxy core makes it lightweight, allowing the rider to maintain speed. The fish/swallow-like tail gives the rider more control. Just throw a stomp pad on this board for extra traction, and you are good to send your local shore break.

Level: Beginner to Experienced

Price: $235

High-performance grom board, the Dart Complete has a thicker core for added buoyancy.

If you want to go beyond sand skimming, this sleek shape takes on waves like your Zap or Victoria boards.

This skimboard is a true complement to the up-and-coming intermediate rider’s advancing skill. Expect long glides and plenty of speed to lay down some smooth wraps and responsive turns.

Level: Beginner to Experienced

Price: $200 for base size 

This is your borderline cheaper to more expensive skimboard. It is made of lightweight PVC foam but has carbon fiber that reinforces the nose and the tail.

Comes with a stomp pad and mid-traction pad. Compared to traditional wooden boards, you can progress and improve your carvings and tricks with this fiberglass board.

Level: Intermediate 

44inch: (50lb. To 130lbs.)

48inch: (130lb. To 160lbs.)

52inch: (160lb. To 220lbs.)

Price: $60

The EVA wooden skimboard is a step above the South Bay Skipper Skimboard. It has a slight crescent tail, which provides more control, and the wood is more durable.

It has a grooved foam pad, giving more traction. It's better for beginners who want to learn more tricks rather than just wave glide.

Level: Beginner 

Price: $45

The South Bay Skipper skimboard is the model for kids who want to be introduced to the sport and just have fun.

This version is the kid's model but is still quite durable. Made of wood, it is covered with an epoxy resin and has a foam pad placed on top where the rider's feet go.

Level: Beginner 

The Bottom Line: Choosing Your Skimboard

Skimboarding is an extremely fun sport; I remember when I used to be a grom at my local shorebreak, skimboarding, bodyboarding, and surfing when school was out.

Keep in mind that it still can be risky, so know what size shore break you can handle before you go ahead of yourself.

Wooden boards are not recommended for wave gliding; they are meant for sand sliding.

If you want to rip some wave faces, look to either your epoxy, foam core, or carbon fiber boards.


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