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The Best Beginner Surfboards of 2024

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Starting your surfing journey can be equally exciting and challenging, because it starts with finding the right beginner surfboard.

Choosing the right beginner board can be the difference between you getting the hang (and addiction) of surfing quickly or you not catching any waves, and out of frustration, giving up.

That's exactly why we put this guide together: so that you can find not just a surfboard, but the right beginner surfboard.

In this article, we'll break down the best beginner surfboards today, and answer questions you may have about the cost of a surfboard, the size, and more. Let's get started!

The Best Beginner Surfboards: Frequently Asked Questions

Let's take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions — including the cost and size, and more — on the topic of beginner surfboards.

Q. What Should A Beginner Look For in a Surfboard?

If you are in the market for your first surfboard, there are few things you should keep your eye out for.

First and foremost, your beginner board should be comfortable to paddle on so that you can easily glide into waves.

One of the hardest parts of learning to surf is mastering catching and paddling into waves all by yourself. To achieve this, you need to get the correct size and material of the board, which we will discuss next.

Beyond this, durability is always something that you should take into account. Your beginner board needs to be able to handle a few bumps and bruises as you are getting the hang of surfing.

Q. What Size Surfboard Should a Beginner Get?

The longer the surfboard, the easier it is to paddle.

With a little extra volume, a longer board will be able to hold your weight above the water for an easier glide around and into waves.

A shorter board allows for more adjustability while on waves, but is much more difficult to learn how to surf on because you have to learn how to balance your body weight with the lower level of volume that the board provides.

Although this may shift according to your height, the safest bet is to look for a board that is 8’.

For younger or shorter beginners, your board can be around 7’, and for those of you who are on the taller side, you can steer closer to the 9’ boards.

Q. Foam Surfboard or a Hard-Topped Surfboard: What’s the Difference?

While the choice is yours on which board you choose, a beginner surfer should always test their abilities on a foam surfboard first.

A foam surfboard lends an extra helping hand while you’re trying to paddle yourself into your first wave. The foam material of the board is more buoyant than those of hard-topped boards, allowing you to graze above the water. This gives you a better chance at avoiding the front of your board getting caught beneath the surface of the water, and nosediving.

Another benefit of foam surfboards is their durability. Hard-topped surfboards are coated with an outer glassing which gives it its clean look, but can get damaged with even the slightest ding.

With that being said, foam surfboards can handle collisions and crashes without having to perform any additional repairs to the boards of yourself or others.

Q. How Much Should You Spend On a Beginner Surfboard?

As you are shopping for a beginner surfboard, you may want to consider cost efficiency.

If you stick to surfing, you will be constantly upgrading your surfboard as you progress, so you don’t want to drop your entire wallet on your starter board.

A beginner surfboard can range anywhere from $200-$500. Within this price range, you will find a variety of choices that may vary in style, durability, and size.

If you are looking for just the basics and what will get the job done, you will want to spend $200-$300.

If you are more concerned with the looks and longstanding durability, you could invest in a more long-term surfboard for anywhere around $400-$500.

The Best Beginner Surfboards Today

Next, we'll break down some of the best beginner surfboards on the market today.


The Wavestorm is the most commonly known and used beginner surfboard on the market today. There are a few reasons for this, including its cheap cost and durability.

This beginner surfboard comes in at $240, which is a pretty good bang for your buck in my opinion.

If taken care of, Wavestorms can last for multiple years as you are going throughout your surf journey.

The foam material of this board ensures that no damage is left on your board if a collision were to occur. Another highlight of this board is its perfect length. Standing tall at 8’, the Wavestorm is the perfect height for most beginner surfers to get into their first waves.

Learn more about this beginner surfboard option here.


On the higher end of the beginner surfboard market is Catchsurf.

With a wide range of options to choose from, you are guaranteed to find something that fits exactly what you are looking for.

This company offers many different lengths and styles of boards that can be suitable for all types of beginners.

For example, you can find shorter and longer foam boards that will work for both shorter and taller surfers.

These boards are known for their trendy designs and the name brand.

Although CatchSurf boards range from $300- $400, they are worth the extra penny if style is what you are looking for when shopping for your first surfboard.

Learn more about this beginner surfboard option here.

Positive Vibe Warrior Longboard

Another great beginner surfboard is Positive Vibe’s warrior longboard.

This board has eye-catching designs and top of the line modeling.

With a handle feature placed in the middle of the board, this surfboard is much easier to carry than many other beginner boards.

Plus, this surfboard is made of copolymer foam which means that it is completely waterproof.

The durability of this surfboard ensures that you will be able to use it for many years to come.

While this may seem pricey — currently $550 — you are paying extra for higher quality and supporting a company where the money goes to the good cause of supporting upcoming African surf sites.

Learn more about this beginner surfboard option here.

South Bay Board Co

The South Bay Board Company creates many different beginner boards within the sizes of 7’-9’.

This means that you can choose a beginner surfboard that works perfect for you, according to your specific height and weight.

For the price of $380-$580, you are still getting many different positive features. Similar to the Positive Vibe Warrior Longboard, South Bay crafted a beginner board with a handle on the side for easier carrying and efficiency for beginning surfers.

The foam material of this board allows for a quick paddle and pop-up on your new board, plus it comes with its own leash.

Learn more about this beginner surfboard option here.


Another company to look into for a beginner surfboard is INT.

The INT surfboard factory creates many different foamie boards, ranging in different sizes and colors. From the 5’10” INT Fish, to the 9’6” INT Yacht, INT has created boards that work for all ages and sizes.

Once again, the material of this board allows you to easily get yourself into waves and have an easier pop-up than if you were on a hard-top board.

A downside to this board is that it will ring you up to about $540, but it does luckily already come with the fins, so your only additional purchase would have to be a leash.

Learn more about this beginner surfboard option here.

MF Softboards

MF Softboards, designed by Mick Fanning, provides a quiver of three different sized soft tops from 6’6” to 8’0”.

The super soft 8’0” is a perfect board for beginners learning to surf because of its shape and volume. One feature that sets this board apart from the rest is its wide, round tail.

This creates an additional level of stability to help you feel balanced once you are standing up on the board.

Like many other beginner boards, it has the classic foamie material to provide enough volume to float you on top of the water's surface.

Plus, it has the infamous cut out handle for effortless carrying.

On top of all of these amazing features, your purchase would come to a total of $380, which puts it at the lower end of the market.

Learn more about this beginner surfboard option here.


BruSurf, is based out of San Juan Capistrano, and is locally known for their high quality board designs and customer service.

This company crafts 7’, 8’, and 9’ soft top beginner surfboards that are perfect for learning how to surf and testing out your skills.

With a molded foam core, and HDPE slick bottom, the BruSurf soft top promises a level of durability that can withstand all your beginner board needs.

It also comes with a three fin setup to help you as you get comfortable maneuvering down the line.

All these attributes seem pricey, but fear not, the 8’ BruSurf soft top is marketed at $300, which is well worth spending.

Learn more about this beginner surfboard option here.

Degree33 Surfboards

Another beginner surfboard option comes from Degree33 Surfboards. They offer an incredible range of softops and funboards from 6' to 8' and beyond. No matter which board you choose, you'll have no problem catching waves, and growing in your ability to turn.

Even better, Degree33 offers a ride it guarantee — if you don't like it, they'll take it back — along with payment plans.

Learn more about this beginner surfboard option here.

The Bottom Line: The Best Beginner Surfboards

Starting your journey of surfing is equally exciting and challenging — especially when trying to determine which beginner surfboard you need.

While we recommend using one of the beginner surfboards listed in this article, at the end of the day, the choice ultimately is yours to make while you consider what you want to prioritize during your experience, and how much you are willing to spend.

So, as you start this journey, be patient, and enjoy the ride!

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