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Manera’s Alt Range Wetsuit Redefines Performance, Warmth, and Sustainability

Updated: Jan 26

Pete Devries is no stranger to cold water. 

In fact, he thrives in 45 to 50 degree lineups, with snow capped mountains often in the background.

Pete grew up in Tofino, British Columbia — one of the last places you would imagine surfing. Around 7 years old, he traded his bodyboard for his surfboard, thanks to some money earned from chores. By the time he was a teenager, he was competing internationally. Since then, his resume includes a nine-time consecutive Canadian Men's Champion and winner of 2009 Cold Water Classic.

Pete’s favorite lineups require thick protection from the elements, and it’s hard to find anyone who’s spent more time in a thick wetsuit than him. Because of this, we chatted with him about his favorite wetsuits: Manera.

Manera's wetsuits are built to keep you warm in the harshest of elements. Photo courtesy Manera

Manera, whose focus is to help water sports enthusiasts spend time on the water without being cold or uncomfortable, is a French family-business which develops top of the line high-quality watersports gear — with a tremendous focus on performance, warmth, and sustainability. 

Between those three qualities, wetsuits of the past have aimed to produce wetsuits that allow surfers to perform well while providing warmth, but it came at the cost of using ingredients that were derived from non-renewable resources and toxic chemicals. 

Manera wanted to create a suit that could perform well and keep surfers warm — and was made in a sustainable way. 

Ranging from 3.2 to 6.4 and many in between, Manera has several suits that achieve this — especially the Alt Range

Manera's Alt Range is guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable in the water. Even better, it's redefining sustainability in the industry. Photo courtesy Manera

The Alt Range — ALT stands for Alternative — is a greener alternative to conventional wetsuits with performance in mind. 

Each wetsuit is made from 100% natural YULEX rubber. Because natural rubber is a renewable resource, it ensures a reduced environmental impact as well as a long-term supply stability.

But that’s not all.

Both inside and outside sections as well as our inside fleece are recycled.

An innovative cocktail of recycled magma, recycled jersey and yulex results in a warm and sustainable wetsuit. Photo courtesy Manera

From head to toe, the Alt Range is built sustainably.

Best of all, the suit is extremely flexible and stretchy, allowing you to move as you please in a lineup and on a wave. 

If there’s anyone who knows wetsuits, and if there’s anyone who knows Manera’s wide range of wetsuits — including the Alt Range — it’s Pete. 

We chatted with Pete about the evolution of wetsuits, how many surfs you can get out of a Manera wetsuit, and his thoughts on how we as surfers should approach the conversation of sustainability in wetsuits. 

Manera's team riders, including Pete Devries and Ian Fontaine (pictured) have put Manera's wetsuits to the test, and gave them excellent — and warm — reviews. Photo courtesy Manera

ASM: What are a few qualities of Manera’s wetsuits overall that stand out to you? 

Pete: I think the biggest thing that stands out about Manera’s wetsuits is the durability. They are just so solid — and made to last.

"I've never once had a seam open up or blow out in the 5 or so years I've been wearing Manera. The craftsmanship is great!"

The wetsuit market today is crowded with products. What differentiates Manera’s wetsuits from other options? 

With Manera, there is enough stretch, durability, and warmth. It's really the perfect combination.  

"If you want a suit that feels great and actually lasts I'd suggest you give Manera a try." 

The thing I hear time and again is how with certain brands on the market they feel amazing when you first put it on, but after two months the suit is completely blown out and over stretched … then the seams start to go. Manera's wetsuits just last.  

I've talked to a bunch of people in the lineups around home that love them and are super happy to have given them a chance.

You surf in some of the most extreme and frigid climates, from Iceland to home in Tofino. How warm are Manera’s wetsuits? 

The wetsuits are unreal. I have no issues with warmth wherever I go. The west coast of Canada where I live doesn't have the coldest water so I am always super toasty out here. I use a 4/3 and 5/4/3 here for the entire year. 

You heard it from Pete: Manera's wetsuits keep you warm even in the most extreme climates. Photo courtesy Manera

"I've tested them in Alaska, Iceland and other very cold places and they are always warm."

When the water temps dip down I'll throw on a 6/5/4 and I'm warm in even the coldest of climates.

Wetsuits are known for being difficult to get on — especially if the surf is firing at that exact moment. How easy are Manera’s suits such as the Alt Range to get on? 

I have no issues getting any of the Manera range of wetsuits on. I've had a lot of practice over the years, but I think anyone who has put on a suit with a small front zip wouldn't have any issues with the Manera range.

The Yulex Pure is natural plant based rubber that is a cleaner alternative to petroleum. Do you have any thoughts on this topic, knowing that you’re surfing in sustainable and green-product compared to other wetsuit companies?  

I think anything we can do as individuals to impact the environment in a positive way is amazing.

"It's no secret traditional neoprene is not good for the environment, so anything we can do to get away from it is great."  

Manera's Alt Range is built with sustainability in mind. Photo courtesy Manera

I'm happy Manera takes pride in working to make products that are more environmentally sustainable. Hopefully one day the whole wetsuit market will be more sustainable.

Durability-wise, how many surfs can you get out of Manera’s suits, like the Alt Range? Is it a suit that will only last a short amount of time, or is it something durable enough to keep you warm season after season? 

That's a good question! I've never actually taken the initiative to count the number of surfs.  I can say they last a long time!  

I'm someone who surfs a lot, once or twice a day, everyday for the most part. I am also very hard on my wetsuits. I usually rotate two suits at a time, sometimes three if I am surfing a ton.  I will get a full year out of those two-three suits which for someone that surfs as often as I do is a lot!  

"I've never once had any manufacturing issues with my suits, the seams are solid and the durability is great."

Wetsuits have to be flexible to allow you to do what you want on a wave — as far as flexibility and performance are concerned, what are your thoughts about the suit?  

I really feel like they are the perfect combination of flexibility, performance and durability.  There is a fine line between each and I am really happy with the way they feel.  

"Manera wetsuits do everything I need them to do."

How helpful is the water strainer in Manera’s suits?

I feel like it's effective in draining out the water that can get caught on duckdives or beat downs.  I don't have any issues with flushing in my wetsuits. 

Manera's Alt Range includes a water strainer that drains the water out of your leg instantly. Photo courtesy Manera

The key is fit, really. If your wetsuit fits well, it will function well.

Products evolve as needs evolve. Do you have any thoughts on how much better Manera’s suits such as the Alt Range are compared to wetsuits of the past?  

I think wetsuits in general are so much better than they were 20 years ago. The flexibility, feel and warmth are just amazing compared to when I was growing up!

Learn more about the Alt Range and Manera's line of wetsuits by visiting their site


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