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The Best Wetsuit Cleaner for Surfers in 2024

Keeping a clean wetsuit is essential for the longevity of both the material and the wetsuit itself for men and women alike.

If you don't rinse your wetsuit with fresh water after each session, be prepared to spend your hard-earned cash on a new suit every season.

That's why, in this article, we'll break down the best wetsuit cleaners so that you can take care of your wetsuit now in 2024 and in the future.

The Best Wetsuit Cleaner For Surfers Today

The O'Neill wetsuit cleaner is non-toxic and reduces unpleasant odors. It is water-activated, and it is recommended to put two cap-sized doses in a bathtub or bucket with lukewarm water.

Rub the cleaner into the wetsuit and rinse it out.

Best of all, it is biodegradable and leaves your wetsuit smelling like freshly picked oranges.

Marketed as a wetsuit cleaner, it helps maintain that soft feeling you get when you buy a brand-new suit.

While a bit more expensive, with a one-liter bottle priced at $29.99, Piss Off is antimicrobial, meaning it kills bacteria buildup in wetsuits.

It makes your suit smoother and is easy to use, recommended for application every week or two to keep your suit in top shape.

It functions more as a traditional soap formula than a conditioner, with a slightly weaker concentration and a pleasant eucalyptus scent.

The name is a classic example of genius marketing at its finest.

A cheaper option for those trying to eliminate the musty smell from their wetsuit comes in at around $10.

This strong formula allows you to get 10 good washes out of one pouch.

Gear Aid also manufactures cleaners for everything from jackets and sleeping bags to outdoor and dive gear.

Pair the shampoo with the odor eliminator, and you are set for easily two to three months of washes.

A good option for those in a hurry, as the lemon smell acts fast, eliminating odor while getting rid of bacteria buildup.

The lemon scent doesn't last long, but it gets the job done. It's not as strong as the O'Neill cleaner but not as weak as the Rip Curl Piss Off.

I would suggest going for the 32-ounce bottle since it lasts longer and saves you money.

Option 5: Jaws Slosh

Jaws Slosh is one of the most expensive options per ounce on this list, but it can and should be used on all your sports gear.

It is highly concentrated and works in just one wash.

The four-ounce bottle comes in at around $10.

It removes salt, softens your wetsuit, and leaves a nice citrus-lavender smell once you are finished.

This stuff is highly concentrated and comes out black.

Don't worry; the color is there to keep your black wetsuits looking brand new.

It is still non-toxic and biodegradable.

You'll be sliding into your suit as effortlessly as the first time you tried it on.

Wetsuit Cleaner FAQs

Q. How often do I use wetsuit cleaner?

Wetsuit cleaners are best used after a week's worth of sessions or every two weeks.

You don't want to use too much, as continuous washing can also damage the neoprene material and lining of your wetsuit.

Q. Can I use Dawn to wash my wetsuit?

Dawn can be used for cleaning wetsuits, but I wouldn't recommend it, as it requires multiple rounds of rinsing to remove all the soap absorbed into the wetsuit.

This method wastes water and takes a longer amount of time to clean.

Q. Is a wetsuit cleaner worth it?

A wetsuit cleaner is definitely worth it if you don't want to buy new suits every year; with that being said, just rinsing your wetsuit with fresh water after each session will save you heaps of money.

Saltwater deteriorates the neoprene in wetsuits, breaking down the ability for it to stretch, and causing issues with the glue and zips to stay intact.

Q. How much is a wetsuit cleaner? 

Typically, wetsuit cleaners range anywhere from $10 to $30.

It depends on what size bottle you get and the concentration of the solution that you are buying. 

The Bottom Line: Wetsuit Cleaner For Surfers

All wetsuit cleaners, including just rinsing your suit after each session, are crucial for getting rid of bacteria and that nasty smell that your girlfriend hates.

Every option on this list is affordable if you consider that using a cleaner increases longevity, which, in turn, means more dollars saved and more money you can spend on surf trips with the boys.


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