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Why Scosche's "MagicMount™ Flask" is the Perfect 4-in-1 Surf Accessory for 2024

Updated: Apr 24

All images courtesy Scosche

Let’s be honest: when you live an active and busy lifestyle near the ocean, you shouldn’t have to settle for an ordinary and single purpose water bottle. 

Because when the waves are firing and you have work to do, you need to stay hydrated. You’ll want to take photos of your adventures. If you're like us and you're on your phone frequently, you'll need a phone stand to prevent you from holding it to your ear all day. And, if you're taking your pet along for the ride, you’ll need something for it to drink out of. 

But when you’re on the go, you don’t have enough hands to carry a water bottle, a phone stand, a tripod and a dog bowl.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have all of this combined into one easy-to-carry product? 

Let us introduce you to the revolutionary MagicMount™ Flask: Flip It, Sip It and Mount It.

Developed by Scosche, the leaders in cutting edge and innovative accessories at a competitive price, MagicMount™ Flask addresses all of your needs, whether you’re riding your e-bike to Lowers, chasing hurricane swell in Florida, or headed on a dreamy boat trip in the Mentawais.

If you're not already sold, let's take a look at each of it's four components in depth next to learn how you can flip it, sip it and mount it.

#1: MagicMount™ Flask’s Water bottle functionality 

What acts as the foundation of the MagicMount™ Flask is a sturdy and safe water bottle. 

If you’re on the go with a random water bottle or a plastic bottle, you’re missing out, and here's why. The MagicMount™ Flask is built with:

  • food-grade BPA-free interior 

  • stainless steel interior

  • a double-wall vacuum insulation

Because of these features, it's bacteria and odor-resistant. That's right: without bacteria and smell, your water bottle is built to last for the long haul.

What if you want to keep your beverage cold on a hot summer day in San Diego, or you’re looking to keep your beverage warm during a chilly dawn patrol in New Jersey?

The MagicMount™ Flask will keep your beverage hot for 12+ hours, or cold for 24+ hours. 

Wait a minute … if you have your phone attached to the MagicMount™ Flask, do you have to remove it before drinking?


It's is designed with a flip-up sip-spout that lets you take a drink without having to remove your phone from the mount. 

Depending upon how you’ll use it, the MagicMount™ Flask is available in two sizes: 22 oz and 32 oz. 

If you’re still on the fence with the water bottle aspect of the MagicMount™ Flask, check this out: it features a convenient built-in carrying handle that allows you to simply loop your finger through the handle to easily take your hydration and phone mount on the go.

#2: MagicMount™ Flask’s Tripod Capability 

When you’re on the go, you’re going to want imagery. It could be taking a photo of your local lineup pumping, with your favorite pro you met in the lineup, or a photo at the beach with friends. 

With the MagicMount™ Flask, there’s no need for a bulky or expensive tripod. And you don't have to worry about your photos being lopsided from holding it in selfie mode.

All you have to do is attach your phone to the mount, and there you have it: your own tripod. 

If you're solo and you're looking for a shot of yourself, simply attach your phone to the mount, set up the camera mode, and hit record.

Let's talk for a second about the mount. How strong is the magnet that holds your phone? If your phone is heavy, will it drop your phone, resulting in it cracking? Or will your phone to one side and flip your water bottle?

MagicMount™ Flask features device-safe Neodymium magnets that securely holds any brand or size of phone whether the weight is heavy or light. 

If you don’t have a MagSafe iphone don’t worry, the MagicMount™ Flask comes complete with a MagicRing Adapter that attaches to your iPhone X, 11 or SE or any Android phone. 

#3: MagicMount™ Flask’s Phone Stand Capability

Whether you have long phone calls or your work requires you to talk on the phone frequently, you're likely to get tired of holding it to your ear.

That’s why MagicMount™ Flask includes the capability for your water bottle to act as a phone stand.

This doesn't just apply to talking on the phone; if you're watching tutorials, such as yoga or making a post-surf acai bowl, it can be hard to follow along while constantly picking your phone up.

Simply set up your water bottle, attach your phone and you've got the ultimate handsfree experience.

#4: MagicMount™ Flask’s Dog Bowl Feature

Forgot to bring the dog bowl at the beach on a hot summer day? I’ll be first to say I know, it’s a terrible feeling. 

Regardless of the season, you want to keep your furry friend hydrated.

Carrying a dog bowl can be bulky, inconvenient and require some frustratingly creative methods, but not anymore.

That’s why MagicMount™ Flask included a dog bowl on the bottom of the water bottle.

This dog bowl that is made of BPA-free food-grade silicone and additionally acts an extra layer of anti-slip protection of your base. 

Scosche's "MagicMount™ Flask" — Flip It, Sip It and Mount It — is the Perfect 4-in-1 Surf Accessory for 2024

Scosche's attention to detail and focus on functionality has created the ultimate 4-in-1 surf and outdoors accessory. And that's why we highly recommend it.

There's no longer a need to drag a water bottle, tripod, phone stand and dog bowl to the beach — you can do it all with the MagicMount™ Flask.

Get yours today (insert link when live)!


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