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Cocoa Beach Surf Guide: The Surf Capital of the East Coast

Plenty of waves to choose from, consistent swell, and the birth place of Kelly Slater: Cocoa Beach, Florida, is known as the surf capital of the East Coast.

To experience all that is surfing in Cocoa Beach, it's best to know where the best waves are, what boards to bring, and more.

In this Cocoa Beach surf guide, we'll break down everything you need to know.

Cocoa Beach Suf Guide

When Does Cocoa Beach See Swell?

Because of its location in Central Florida, Cocoa Beach sees consistent swell throughout the year, with its peak season being in the Fall, due to hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean.

But visit Cocoa Beach on any typical day, and you're likely to find a fun wave — if you know where to go.

Where to Surf in Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach boasts several beach-breaking waves. These include:

Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier

This wave breaks on both sides of the Cocoa Beach pier and can offer long rides, along with barrels on bigger swells. While the wave can be fun, it can be one of the most crowded breaks in the region.

Lori Wilson Park

A fun and mellow location, Lori Beach park offers a fun wave and plenty of parking. If you're looking for a day to bring surfboards, pack a beach wagon, set up a beach tent and stay all day, this is the perfect place.

Playalinda Beach

Located in the Canaveral National Seashore, Playlinda offers a huge beach with plenty of breaks to choose from. This wave works best — imagine pinching barrels — during heavy Hurricane swells.

The Streets

The good thing about beach breaks: there's often many of them. If you're looking to surf in Cocoa Beach, feel free to check the beach access points along the street.

The Bottom Line: Cocoa Beach Surf Guide

With fun waves and a rich history, Cocoa Beach is the surf capital of the East Coast. But it's enjoyed most when you know where to go. Use this Cocoa Beach surf guide to ensure you catch the best waves during your next venture to the area.

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