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The Best E-Bikes For Surfers in 2024

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

The E-Bike craze is slowly starting to take over the surfing community, and you know what? We aren’t complaining!

E-Bikes offer a sense of convenience to a surfer’s daily commute to the beach or a chill ride around town.

With little to no effort required to ride, an E-bike is a great environmentally-friendly option of transportation although they are quite expensive.

If you are looking for a good investment of transportation long term, the E-bike could be the perfect option for you.

These bikes aren’t just for surfers, they are for everyone and this is the reason why they have become so popular everywhere.

You can find an E-bike beach cruiser, mountain bike, everyday bike, and so much more.

There’s so many options for just about any person or situation a bike would be used in, let’s dive into it.

Advantages of an E-Bike

E-bikes Environmentally-friendly form of transportation.

An E-Bike is a better option for shorter distances instead of taking a car, truck, or motorcycle which all use gas or diesel.

There’s no need for those forms of transportation when you can just hop on your electrically-powered E-bike for shorter or mild distances like around the town, neighborhood, or to the beach if you live close.

There’s no carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere, instead you are running the bikes both electrical and human energy to get to where you want to go and the battery is rechargeable.

E-bikes help you warm-up and get fresh air.

On the way to your surf, you get your own warm-up, if your E-bike is also propelled by human energy instead of just electrical energy.

While you are going to your destination, you get fresh outside air to calm the senses. It’s especially calming while on a ride at the beach.

E-bikes Cut Down on Gas Money.

When you choose to take your E-bike instead of your car for those shorter distances around town, you are cutting down on gas money,

Yes, E-bikes are expensive, but if you take good care of them and use them often, the price you are paying for your bike will be nowhere near as much money you would have had to pay for gas in the long-run.

Disadvantages of an E-Bike

E-Bikes are Pricey.

When you buy your E-bike, it will be expensive. What a lot of people also do not realize is that you will have to pay for repairs and damage if something goes wrong, E-bike repairs are very costly.

High Theft Rate with E-Bikes.

Because E-bikes are so expensive and in such popular demand nowadays, people steal these bikes like crazy. If you step away for just a few minutes without locking it up well, it’ll be gone.

I don’t know many people with an E-bike, but the one’s I do know have either gotten theirs stolen at some point or know other people who have gotten theirs stolen.

E-bikes are Heavy.

If you run out of battery, that’s a shame because of how heavy it is to get around when there’s no power left. You would think it could just turn into a regular bike when the battery runs out, but that’s not really the case. E-bikes are more of a hybrid in between regular bikes and motorcycles-but electric.

What Should You Look For In An E-Bike?

If you are looking to buy an E-bike, something that I would keep in mind is that every bike is made for a certain situation, lifestyle, or terrain.

There are definitely some good all-around bikes, but if you don’t want to pay for repairs as often, then you should get a bike that will go perfect with the situation you would like to use it in.

For example, do not get a good bike made for the road/pavement if you are just going to use it on the beach to go surfing everyday.

The tires and other things are very different.

Also, look for a bike with included equipment that you will need.

Buying add-on equipment can get more pricey, plus if things go wrong, you will be dealing with different equipment from different companies and things could get frustrating.

For example, if you know you will be riding in the dark, get a bike that comes with a headlight.

The Best E-Bikes for Surfers Today

Super73 - S2

It seems like there’s no debate here in the surf community on which E-bike is everyone’s favorite.

The Super 73-S2 can go up to 28 miles per hour and has a range up to 70 miles.

Be aware that miles can be affected by the wind and terrain that you are riding the bike in, so keep your eye on the battery life. The price is high around $3,295.00.

Although it’s the more pricey bike, there’s no arguing that this is the best beach cruising E-Bike for surfers and their lifestyles.

Super73- Z1

In the “best” category the Z1 is a great E-Bike for surfers and their lifestyles, but is more affordable.

Although the Z1 does not have the same battery life, miles, and speed and the S2, it is still an extremely convenient bike that’s great for anyone looking to buy for the first time.

The price goes for around $1,395.00.

A well-equipped beach cruiser bike, the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser is a good, and cheaper, option for beach goers.

The range goes up to 50 miles at up to 28 miles per hour, making this bike a great all-around option for the price it is listed at. I think this is one of the best cruisers on the market. The Rid1Up Cafe Cruiser is listed at $1,595.

From Murf E-Bikes, The Fat Murf is a more expensive, but equally as good option for surfers.

The simple design paired with the big tires help with beach cruising and allow easy installment of a surfboard rack.

It comes in three, very pretty and simple colors unlike most other E-bikes that only come in one plain color, usually black, gray, or white.

It comes with a 2 year warranty and can go up to 20 miles per hour with a 50 mile travel range.

There are a ton of equipment sold by Murf that is perfect for your surfing beach cruiser bike including a drink holder, surfboard rack, lock, phone holder, rear mirror, and a basket.

There are nothing but great reviews on this bike that is on sale for $2,495.

Another e-bike option is from Aventon: the Sinch.2 Ebike.

Unfold and go - that’s the thought behind the Sinch.2 Ebike.

With the addition of a torque sensor and all-new turn signal functionality there’s nowhere this bike can’t go.

It has a top speed of 20 MPH, a payload capacity of 300 points, 4 inch fat tires, and much more.

Foldable, potable, and easy to hop on — which is why it’s one of the best E-bikes for surfers today.

If you’re looking for a classic e-bike, Denago has you covered.

The award-winning Cruiser 1 was named to Electric Bike Report's list of "best electric beach cruisers" of 2023, who called it "an ultra-affordable, modern (and electrified) take on an American icon."

With a digital display, twist throttle, and hidden battery, it’s one of the best e-bikes today.

Integrated lights, a powerful control display, a removable battery — plus a powerful anti-theft technology — the Freedom Fatty 2 has it all.

Even better, there's zero learning curve — just unbox, charge, and you're good to go!

Finding The Right E-Bikes for Surfers

When it comes down to it, take your time and do your research before jumping into buying an E-bike.

They are expensive and you need to take as good care of them as you do with your surfboard if you want it to last long without paying many damages and restoration fees.

Overall, an E-bike is the ultimate toy to add to your collection if you are a daily beach goer and looking for an easy and convenient commute that has a lot of benefits.


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