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Jacksonville Beach Surf Guide: Where to Park & Paddle Out

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Because of its location in Northeast Florida, Jacksonville Beach is a wave-rich beach town.

In this Jacksonville Beach Surf Guide, we'll break down where to park, where to surf, and other information you need to know if you've never surfed there before.

Jacksonville Beach Surf Guide

When Does Jacksonville Beach see the Best Waves?

Compared to other locations in Florida, Jacksonville Beach sees consistent swell.

Spring & Summer

In the spring and summer, you can expect a small, fun-size longboardable wave to filter through the area.


In the Fall, hurricanes offshore can send fresh, long-period swell into Jacksonville Beach's sandbars.


The coldest mornings often have the best waves: cold fronts in the winter can send anywhere between waist-high to overhead waves in Jacksonville Beach.

Where to Surf in Jacksonville Beach

The Jacksonville Beach Pier

One of the best — and most crowded — places to surf is the Jacksonville Beach Pier. The wave can break on either side of the pier, and can result in barrels and open faces perfect for turns, wrap-arounds and aerials.

Atlantic Beach

A stretch of huge beach, Atlantic Beach offers multiple sandbars to choose from.

Huguenot Beach Park

Located in North Jacksonville Beach, Huguenot Beach park is a wide stretch of beach perfect for spending the day (beach wagon approved!) and surfing.

Beach Access points

There are several beach access points throughout the center of Jacksonville Beach, each with its own parking lots. Feel free to check these locations if the surf is too crowded elsewhere.

Where to Park When Surfing Jacksonville Beach

Compared to other beach towns in Florida, parking in Jacksonville Beach when surfing is easy and straightforward. Places like the Jacksonville Beach Pier have metered parking, while beach parks will be free to park.

Overall, there's very little risk to getting a ticket or towed when surfing Jacksonville Beach.

If you want to avoid parking all together, consider using an e-bike.

The Bottom Line: Surfing in Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is a wave-rich coastal town in Florida that can see fun longboard waves and also overhead hurricane swell.

Use this surf guide to help you score the wave of the day the next time you surf Jacksonville Beach.


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