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Women's Travel Backpack Guide: Prices, Brands & More

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

If you are planning to upgrade your travel backpack this year as you look forward to reaching new destinations, we have the perfect read for you.

In this article, we will look at a few different women's travel backpacks and provide you with some of their highlighting features, so that you can pick the perfect women's travel backpack for your next trip.

What To Look For in a Women's Travel Backpack

Picking a women's travel backpack may seem like an easy task, but there are a few factors you should keep your eye out for while you are shopping.

A few are listed below.


A women's travel backpack needs to be large enough to fit all of the belongings you wish to carry-on to a flight, but also needs to be small enough to fit in the overhead compartment or at your feet.

Later on in this article, we will take a closer look at the TSA approved sizes for carry-ons.


Since this women's travel backpack could be going all the way across the country or the world with you, it is essential that it is comfortable.

No women's travel backpack should be putting too much pressure on your back or shoulders.

So, make sure the bag you pick has padding or straps that will be most comfortable for you.


Ultimately, this women's travel backpack is yours.

Everyone has their own style and preferences on what they wear.

Pick a women's travel backpack that you will be confident wearing and that you will get the most use out of.


The durability of your women's travel backpack is another important factor to consider.

Whether it is protecting your belongings from being stolen, or your bag breaking within a year, making sure a bag is made out of good material can be a game changer.


Finally, look at the different pockets that a backpack has to offer.

Are there hidden compartments where you can put your most valuable items?

Are there enough dividers to fit everything that you wish to carry with you?

These are great questions to ask before making your purchase.

The Best Women’s Travel Backpacks Today

#1: Matein Travel Backpack

Matein’s Travel Backpack is about $30, but the company has a variety of different styles that come in at different prices.

Specifically, the travel laptop backpack can store up to a 15.6” laptop, leaving plenty of space for all of your other travel necessities.

This design was made with multi-paneled ventilated back padding, as well as adjustable straps to ensure optimal comfort.

It also comes in many different colors such as gray, black, yellow, red, and a few others, so you can choose an option that best suits your style.

The Matein women's travel backpack is a good choice for your next trip because it features a hidden pocket located on the back where you can hide your valuables from pickpockets.

Learn more about this women's travel backpack.

#2: Shrradoo Extra Large 52L Backpack

This 52L backpack is on the larger end, which means that it has the ability to fit up to a 17” laptop and many other items within its 20 independent pockets.

The Shrradoo backpack is also said to have very durable material that is also water resistant. This means that this backpack can go on all your surf trips without the fear of your belongings being potentially damaged by water.

Coming in black, blue, and red, this backpack ranges from $36-$43.

Since it is a larger backpack, it appears to look bulkier, but you still have a choice between colors, so you can choose which best fits your individual style.

Learn more bout this women's travel backpack.

#3: Falanko 15”6 Backpack

The Falanko Backpack is the perfect option if your primary concern is with the style of your travel bag.

This backpack comes in 12 different colors and has an additional strap that can turn it into a purse.

Beyond its looks, its straps are padded and adjustable to help relieve some of the stress having a heavy backpack can have on your back and shoulders.

Another feature to note is the USB port design which has the potential to charge your phone while you are on the go. At $30, the Falanko Backpack could be your next best investment that won’t leave your wallet empty.

Learn more about this women's travel backpack.

#4: DaKine

If you like the look of a traditional backpack, the DaKine 365 Backpack is the one for you!

This bag features the traditional front zipper pocket for your smaller belongings, and a laptop sleeve in the primary zipper pocket for a laptop.

The DaKine travel bag comes in 5 different colors and is $50.

One of the primary advantages to this bag is its versatility.

Not only can it fit perfectly at your feet while on a plane, but it could also easily be used all throughout a normal day in your life.

Learn more about this women's travel backpack.

#5: RVCA Radar 24L Backpack

RVCA’s 24L women's travel backpack is a great stylish option that also includes a series of amazing features.

For starters, the entire bag is water resistant, which means that it is perfect for your next surf trip. It also has a separate side zipper pocket where you can store your computer.

Due to this unusual placement, pickpockets are less likely to get a hold of your computer because it is harder to find or reach it. This bag does ring up to $90, which is on the pricier end of these options, but it comes from a brand that is known for its reliability and good products within the surf community.

Learn more about this women's travel backpack.

Travel Backpacks for Women: FAQs

Q. What size backpack fits under the seat of an airplane?

According to the U.S. airline policy, a backpack needs to be around 18 x 14 x 4” to fully be stowed under the seat in front of you.

Q. What size backpack is TSA approved?

If you are using your backpack as your main carry-on item that will be placed in an over-head compartment, it can be up to 24 x 10 x 10”.

However, if you wish to store your backpack at your feet, it needs to be 18 x 14 x 4” as stated before.

Q. What makes a backpack antitheft?

One way thieves have begun stealing from backpacks is through a slashing method.

This means that it is more important than ever to make sure you purchase a sturdy backpack made of thick material that can’t be easily cut through.

Many anti theft backpacks will also have hidden compartments where you can place your most valuable items within zippers that a thief cannot reach or see.

Some backpacks may even have a lock and combination feature that allows only you to open the zipper.

Even if your travel backpack doesn’t feature a lock, you could purchase one separately to add additional security to your belongings.

The Bottom Line: Women’s Travel Backpacks

Traveling can be stressful, but being able to rely on the safety and organization of your belongings in a women's travel backpack can relieve a bit of that stress.

As summer is approaching and trips are being planned, use some of these women's travel backpack options to get your travel equipment dialed in.


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