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Watch "Float": A Look at MeWater Foundation's Surf Therapy Program

MeWater Foundation released "Float", a short movie made by Adam Warmington, starring Anthony Stepney.

Anthony has participated in MeWater programs up and down the California coast, even surfing at the Kelly Slater Wave Ranch.

While MeWater spends a great deal of time surfing and enjoying Mother Nature, the big picture is to create a community-based organization that could help the youth and families with needed resources and support.

Founded by Eddie Donnellan and Tim Gras, MeWater provides opportunities for youth such as Anthony to expand their horizons, experience the power of mother nature, and receive mentorship and guidance from the MeWater team.

Now 17 years old, Anthony regularly attends MeWater events and serves as a youth ambassador. Anthony takes this role very seriously, as he can see himself in many of the kids coming out to MeWater camps for the first time.

Anthony wanted to share his own words about what MeWater has meant to him and his grandmother over the years:

"I first met Mr. Eddie when he worked at Edgewood, I was 9, maybe 10 years old. He invited me to come surfing with him, as he had just started MeWater. When I first started with MeWater, I was terrified of the water and I had never been in the ocean, nor had I ever thought surfing was something that I would ever do. I didn’t know if this was something that I wanted to do, but as time went on I started to get comfortable in the water, and going on these surf trips and it was really cool hanging out with Mr. Eddie and making a lot of new friends along the way. MeWater has been so much more than just surfing for me and my grandmother. Since the beginning, MeWater and Mr. Eddie has wrapped his arms and heart around me and grandma. MeWater has helped my grandma with getting her groceries and home appliances and I couldn’t thank MeWater enough for what they did for us. THANK YOU MeWater from the bottom of our hearts."

Support Me Water

Founded in 2015, MeWater continues to inspire and engage underserved youth. Their mission is to reach as many youth as possible through MeWater camps and programming.

You can learn more about the organization, support it or sign up as a volunteer at their next surf experience by visiting their website.


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