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Where to Surf in the Sunshine Coast, Australia

The Sunshine Coast is a spot along the east coast of Australia that upholds its name easily.

This stretch of Australia consists of open-trunked surf vans and barefooted born-and-bred surfers lining the coast.

At any point or beach break, you’ll find some of the steeziest and stylish waveriders embedded in the culture of the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Australia Surf Guide

Waves in the Sunshine Coast of Australia

The waves vary depending on the type of break it is and the sunshine coast has nearly every break up its sleeve.

There are plenty of peeling point breaks that go for ages, some more protected and mellower than others, as well as punchy beach breaks. 

Surf Culture on Australia's Sunshine Coast

Based on the open vans and barefooted culture, the sunshine coast has a very laid back lifestyle and scene.

Time is a hard concept to keep track of in this area and is spent by surfing and beach days for the majority of the population here.

Whether you’re a beginner or pro, the beaches and point breaks here offer any type of wave you’re looking for.

Gear Needed to Surf Australia's Sunshine Coast

Since the Sunshine Coast is so far north to the equator on the antipodean side of the globe, it stays pretty warm all year. In the peak of winter, the air and water temperatures still stay around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

All you’ll need is some boardies/bikini, potentially a spring suit, a leggy, and your board of choice — a fun board, fish, shortboard, and longboard are all fitting options.

The Best Surf Spots on Australia's Sunshine Coast

Spot 1: Mooloolaba

There’s a series of breaks along the Mooloolaba beach, from fast sucking right hand tubes to mellower beach breaks.

Depending on the place you paddle out, you can find some reef and sand bottoms perfect for learning or longboarding.

There are also some slabs for those looking for more of a thrill and some speed.

It breaks best on a north or northeast swell and can be decent surf from anything from 2 foot to double overhead barrels.

Spot 2: Coolum Beach

If you’re looking for a place with less crowds and less pressure in the line up, Coolum is the perfect place for easy beach days and mellow surf sessions. 

Coolum has easy sandbanks that allow waves that are easy to surf in and fast barrels on days of bigger swell.

Because of the coastline, it also takes in north or northeastern swells best during typhoon season.

This spot also has easy access and carparks at every spot as well as beautiful sandy beaches for the whole family or a beach day.

Spot 3: Sunshine Beachies

The Sunshine Beachies are the most popular, given their name, along Sunshine Coast.

You can park on the streets of residential areas and find staircases tucked away within the neighborhoods that lead to nearly perfect breaking surf on the right swell.

The Sunshine beachies offer both left and rights that break depending on what the sand banks are doing and the size of the swell.

If you catch it at the right time, you can find large canvases for turns and barrels in the same ride.

With nearly endless spots to pick from, you are bound to have some fun along the sunshine strip.

Spot 4: Noosa Heads

Noosa Heads is categorized among Sunshine and offers a collection of right hand point breaks for beginners and advanced surfers alike.

From Little Cove, Main Beach, Nationals, Tea Tree Bay and Granite Bay – Noosa holds beautiful peeling rights that can amp up on a killer swell but mostly stay mellow for pure fun throughout the year.

There are multiple car parks and trails to get to all the spots with free parking.

Spot 5: Double Island Point

Double Island is quite the mission to get to if one is willing to take the trek.

On a proper swell, the road to get there makes it all worth it.

First, you can drive to and take the ferry over Noosa River at Tewantin and drive along the North Shore of Noosa till hitting Teewah Beach where you will soon sight one of the best surf you’ll ever encounter.

A clean right hand breaking point break, it offers one of the longest and funnest waves for turns, airs, logging, or whatever you please.

There are also lefts and rights along the beach.

What to Do on the Sunshine Coast When the Waves Are Flat

Flat spells are no stranger to the sunshine coast, but this doesn’t mean a trip over won’t be worth it. 

Noosa’s Fairy Pools are a haven tucked away from the Noosa National Park carpark.

If you follow the boardwalk that begins at the carpark past Tea Tree and Granite Bay, you will eventually come across a rocky area that leads to the fairy pools.

Blissful natural ocean pools and serene crystal clear waters will be worth the walk and the views of all the points along the way.

There are also many farmers markets throughout the various towns along the sunshine, such as the Eumundi Markets.

Take time to enjoy the fresh produce and farm to consumer goods.

The Bottom Line: Surfing on Australia's Sunshine Coast

The sunshine coast is one of the best places to take a surf trip or a perfectly good stop on an East Coast road trip. 

Looking for other surf spots in Australia? Check out our guides to surfing in Sydney, Newcastle, Bryon Bay and the famed Gold Coast.


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