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Stuart Florida Surf Guide

Stuart is honestly the best of south Florida surfing, in my humble opinion. It’s one of the last places on the east coast that has decent and consistent waves before you hit Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

With blue waters and a beautiful town, Stuart has a lot to offer for those looking to surf down south.

Surfing in Stuart

What makes Stuart so unique is that all of the breaks are either thick reef or a mix of sand and reef (which isn’t something you see a ton in Florida).

There are some great breaks here on those reefs that get really good with just the right swell.

Waves in Stuart

The waves themselves are pretty great. Although summers tend to have long flat spells, the fall, winter, and spring all have something to offer wave-wise.

During the fall, there’s a chance Stuart can get some good hurricane swell, which all come in powerful and big.

During the winter, there’s a chance for good NE storms to roll in with bigger, although messier, surf. The spring doesn’t usually have a lot of big swell to offer although it isn’t flat.

I would say that the spring is fairly consistent in mediocre to medium sized waves.

Since the waves here are breaking on a reef, each spot breaks differently.

Some spots are a beach break whereas others may have a really good left.

I will discuss the best conditions for each unique spot later on in this article.

Surf Culture in Stuart

There’s pretty decent surf culture in Stuart.

A lot of surfers from down south, who don’t get waves as often, tend to book it up there for some better surf.

Because of that, you get really passionate surfers who have been wave deprived for too long and are actually shredders who have been stolen by city life.

The locals in Stuart all know each other due to there being a few key spots people consistently like to visit, so best believe they are all buddies.

Gear Needed to Surf in Stuart

The only cold water gear you will need in Stuart is maybe at the peak of winter.

When the air gets randomly chilly every now and then, a 1mm or 1.5mm wetsuit top could be helpful in keeping you comfy, especially during those northeastern swells that tend to draw more chilly days in.

Most of the time though, Stuart is all bikinis and board shorts, so don’t worry if you forget a wetsuit top because you could probably just rent or buy one at a nearby surf shop if you really need it!

The Best Places to Surf in Stuart, Florida

Stuart Rocks

Stuart rocks is a reef break that has both lefts and rights although the lefts tend to be really good and more consistent.

During the summer, this spot is usually flat but will go off with the right swell during other seasons.

The views are pretty here and it’s best at low tide rising high for a little more of a push.

A lot of south Florida surfers flock here when it’s going off so it’ll be crowded when it’s good, the rest of the time it’s a pretty mellow crowd of locals.

The ideal conditions for Stuart Rocks would be a NE swell paired with W winds.

Stuart Main/Public Beach

Stuart Main/Public Beach is another reef break although it’s not as thick and is more of a mix of sand and reef together, you should still be aware and careful of it.

This is a beach break that goes both ways although the left is better. All skill levels of surfers and all types of boards are welcomed here.

The crowd can get bad on good days or during the summer when visitors or beach goers are out, but it’s a mellow crowd usually.

Main Beach is best during low tide rising for a little more of a push to the surf.

This break is really good and is usually bigger than Stuart Rocks, although the form itself isn’t as good as The Rocks.

The ideal conditions for this spot would be a NE swell paired with WNW or W winds.


Fletcher’s is another good spot option when the others are crowded.

The crowd here at Fletcher’s is always lighter compared to others and is very welcoming to all abilities and any type of board.

Unfortunately this spot cannot handle bigger swells because it starts closing out, but overall it’s a great spot for a swell around 5-7 feet max.

This is a mix of reef and sand bottomed break and it’s best at low tide rising high for more push to the waves.

The ideal conditions for Fletcher’s would be a NE swell paired with WNW winds.

Walton Rocks

Walton Rocks is an incredibly fun spot when the waves get really big, it can hold massive swell on the shallow reef.

It is advised for only more experienced surfers to go out here because it really only breaks when there’s big surf.

Overall, Walton Rocks is not a very consistent spot, but when it’s on you will find really good lefts. The best tide to surf here would be at mid tide pushing high.

The ideal conditions for Walton Rocks would be a NE swell paired with WNW or SW winds.

What To Do In Stuart When Waves Are Flat

Beach life is what captivates so many people and brings them here to Stuart Florida. Go snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, fishing, boating, parasailing, or do a boat tour if you want to stay out in the water.

In town, you can find some great seafood restaurants that carry locally caught fish.

There’s a historic downtown area to explore and beautiful golf courses if that floats your boat.

Where to Surf in Stuart

Overall, Stuart is a great surf trip destination in south Florida and is known for its many reef breaks.

You won’t find many other reef breaks on the east coast, so go for it and you will not be disappointed.


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