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Attention Surfers, Watermen and BeachGoers: We've Got a Puffin For You

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

I'll be honest: I've never been a koozie guy.

It's not that I had anything against them. Anytime I was handed a koozie at a public event, I'd take it — why say no to something free? — and by the time the event was over, the koozie itself would be wet and heavy, my drink would be warmed up, and I'd toss both items in the trash.

When this repeated time and time again, I started saying no to them all together.

But Puffin Drinkwear changed my outlook entirely.

On the 4th of July, with no waves on the horizon, I hit the lake. It was hotter than hot. A friend was drinking something that made me double-take: it was a Puffin Drinkwear — a drink in a USA-themed lifejacket.

Studies show that even mild dehydration can inhibit your ability to think clearly. But what I was seeing wasn't a mirage — it was literally a drink in a USA-themed lifejacket.

Upon closer inspection, it was clear this wasn't the kind of drinkwear handed out at public events for free — the one that eventually end up in the trash.

Puffin's drinkwear was thick enough — including it's rubber base — to catch the drink perspiring, so it didn't get everything else wet; it was insulated enough to keep the drink cool.

Best of all, it was the biggest conversation starter of the day — what is that, and where did it come from? I had to find out for myself.

The idea for Puffin came when Founder Tyrone Hazen was camping with some friends, and thought up the idea of a sleeping bag for your beer.

He created the first protype, and it quickly started to sell out at local specialty outdoor stores.

Puffin was founded in 2018 in Bend, Oregon, and can now be found in REI, Sportman’s Warehouse, Scheels, Dicks Sporting Goods, and other key retailers.

From USA-themed life jackets to hoodies, space suits and more, they have a wicked product line.

I was sold. I bought a few Puffins, and put it to the test the next week at, again, the lake.

It kept my drink cool on a boat while watching others wakeboard. It kept my drink cool while laying on the dock. And everyone else couldn't stop asking about what kept my beverage of choice cool.

Puffin Drinkwear adds much-needed personality to the insulated can & bootle-cooler market!”

I learned that, even better, all Puffin Drinkwear is backed by a lifetime guarantee. When you buy a Puffin, it’ll be with you for life.

I'm sold on the brand — and the product.

For your next beach day, get a Puffin. For your next surf trip, get a Puffin, For your next outdoors adventure, whether that's hiking or camping, get a Puffin.

Keep your drink cool and start conversations by getting a Puffin right here.


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