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Where to Surf in Perth, Australia (Surf Guide)

On the southeastern coast of Australia, Perth stands as the capital of Western Australia.

Aside from being extremely remote from another city or high-populated area, you won’t need to leave it once you get to Perth.

A city with beautiful beaches, city life and a lively culture, Perth is a perfect place for a surf trip.

Perth Surf Guide

Waves in Perth

Perth is a popular town for surfing in Australia and can be a perfect surfing destination for any level of surfer.

There are a plethora of points and beach breaks along Perth that are all in close proximity to one another.

Perth can get heavy swells, stormy waves and sharky waters – so keep this in mind when planning a trip.

Surf Culture in Perth

Overall, Perth has a very laid back and friendly culture among the locals.

The surf community can get eggy in certain spots and swells, but it shouldn’t be a debilitating issue when visiting.

Gear Needed to Surf in Perth

The water temperatures remain pretty temperate over in Perth.

In the summer months, it stays around 73 degrees Fahrenheit and only goes down to about 67 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter months.

You’ll most likely want a 3/2 mm full suit or 2mm spring suit anytime of year you go.

The Best Surf Spots in Perth

In this section, break down 5 waves in the area, discussing how to get there, where to

park, what the wave is like, what swell condition makes it fire, and more.

Spot 1: Ders

Ders is an easy to park and access reef break that offers both lefts and rights. It’s got a sand bottom with reef intermixed within.

It picks up a west or southwest swell best and can be anything from average to double overhead surf.

With a mid tide and proper swell, this spot has very fun and clean walls of waves for an intermediate to advanced surfer.

The power and speed can hold nicely and be canvases for a long surf.

It stays fairly crowded regardless and can get eggy on larger swells, so make sure you feel confident if you’re new to surfing at this spot.

Spot 2: The Spot

One of the best waves in the winter season in Perth, The Spot got its name for a reason.

If you can get around the crowd, this place has a consistent peeling left that can get you anything from a series of turns on one wave or a nicely shaped tube.

Sometimes a right will peak through on a larger swell. It can be a perfect barrel on a west swell with offshore winds.

It’s tricky to find the spot if it’s your first time there, so make sure you make a turn a little bit before you reach Two Rocks and find a quick walk to the beach.

Spot 3: Burns

Burns is for the dedicated goofy footers.

A beautiful left that peels off, but also a spot for some hollow rights.

This place is for advanced surfers as it can be hard to get to and more dangerous rock bottom.

On a larger swell, the waves are worth the risk for those looking for large, long breaking canvases.

Spot 4: Trigg Beach

Trigg beach is the best spot for surfers of all levels.

A long stretch of beach, there are a series of breaks which aid both beginners and advanced surfers.

There are lefts and rights that may change based on the sandbanks, but always a pretty predictable spot.

Spot 5: Scarborough

Scarborough can be hit or miss, but if you get lucky and catch it on a good day, it can be one of the funnest beach breaks you’ll encounter.

It breaks best during the winter season and on a southwest or west swell and on any tide.

The crowd is mellow and the waves are fun. It is protected by Rottnest Island, which can be an issue from catching all swells.

When it catches a swell at the right time and direction, Scarborough produces clean, large tubes and fast breaking banks for powerful turns and carves.

What to Do When the Waves Are Flat in Perth

Perth is much more than the waves, with beautiful beaches, a lively city and numerous hikes and nature spots to enjoy.

There are plenty of spots along the coast with cafes and restaurants along the beaches to have a day of it. 

You can go to Rottnest Island to enjoy the outdoors and maybe run into a quokka. 

If you find yourself in the city, there are endless spots for live music, dining, art galleries and museums that reflect the culture and the aboriginal history of the area.

The Bottom Line: Perth Surfing

Overall, Perth is a vibrant and exciting area to explore, whether wave hunting or not.

With endless things to do depending on what type of adventure you’re looking for, Perth will provide.

Looking for other surf spots in Australia? Check out our guides to surfing in Sydney, Newcastle, Bryon Bay, the Sunshine Coast and the famed Gold Coast.


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