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The Best Men's Sandals of 2024

Men's sandals are an ideal part of any person’s shoe collection, not only for going to the beach but to let those toes breathe even while hanging out at home.

The list below is in no particular order but features some unique and stylish options for boating, camping, beachwear, long walks, and even for your 18-hole Sundays.

The 10 Best Men's Sandals

Option 1: OluKai Tuahine $100

OluKai was founded in 2005 and is a Hawaiian-inspired sandal and footwear company. While the price is steeper, the materials and sustainability back the price.

The Tuahine fits true to size, is a standard width, and has a standard arch.

Made with waterproof sustainable leather, stretch lining, a soft nylon toe post that offers lasting support and comfort, and has a wet grip rubber that provides unmatched traction on wet surfaces.

Option 2: OluKai Mekila $140

The Mekila by OluKai is the top-of-the-line leather men’s sandal that fits for both the beach and a casual style.

It features a Hawaiian paniolo (cowboy) design on the footbed. Made with handcrafted leather that molds around the foot over time, it fits wide with a higher arch for increased support and comfort. The sandal has a wet grip rubber sole for enhanced traction and a soft microfiber lining.

If you are looking for style, comfort, and durability, the Mekila is the right choice for you.

Option 3: Rainbow The Bentley $85

Rainbow was founded in 1974 in Laguna Beach and is currently based out of San Clemente.

The Bentley is the top-of-the-line Rainbow sandal that intertwines durability and comfort in a traditional beach-style sandal.

It features a one-inch double-layered arch with a handwoven strap, anilina wax finishing process, bonded nylon thread, nylon toe piece, waxed edges, and is triple glued for durability. While the sole is rubber and provides traction, it gives you all-around trust on very wet surfaces.

This 1974 classic provides single-layer arch support, premium nubuck leather, double-stitched leather straps, bonded nylon thread, nylon toe piece, and is triple glued for durability, just like the Bentley sandal. However, similar to the Bentley, the traction is not ideal for very wet surfaces.

Option 5: Sanduk Rippah SL Primo $65 

Sanuk was founded in 1997 by Jeff Kelley and began making sandals from inner tubes and indoor and outdoor carpets; this innovation has continuously been at the core of the brand.

Made from sustainable leather, it's comfy and casual, offering a featherweight sole made with cane sugar.

Option 6: Sanduk ME Huarache $100 on Sale $75

The Sanuk ME Huarache is not your typical sandal; it's a closed-toed sandal with a gator-like look on the ridges.

It features soft top foam insoles, a high arch, burnished leather, responsibly sourced cork, and leather.

Ideal for walking around town, hanging out at the beach, and even for motorcycle and bike rides.

Option 7: Teva Landon Flip  $75

Teva began making sandals in 1984 in the Grand Canyon when a river guide rigged two Velcro watchbands to an old pair of flip-flops, creating a shoe that wouldn’t float away.

The Landon Flip is your adventure sandal. Made with premium leather for a luxury feel and look, it's lined with lightweight breathable mesh that keeps your feet cool and comfortable.

The highlight of this sandal is the nylon shank that stabilizes and supports your foot on uneven surfaces. It also has a natural peppermint-based anti-odor treatment.

Ideal for getting around town, simple hikes, and relaxing at the campground.

Option 8: Hari Mari Dunes $60 

Founded in 2012 by a Texas couple, their goal was to make a sustainable southern-style sandal.

The Dunes are made with memory foam-lined straps, firm arch support, soft squeeze footbeds, rubber soles for extra traction on wet surfaces, and best of all, they are boat-safe and can float in water.

The Fields Camino sandals are slightly more stylish than the Dunes, featuring southern-style embroidery on the straps.

The Camino’s have a memory foam toe post, soft vegetable leather that reduces the break-in period, molded rubber outsoles with beveled edges, cupped heels for increased stability and comfort, and boat-safe soles that provide extra grip.

Option 10: Reef Mulligan $50

The Reef Mulligan’s are your super casual, go-to gold sandals.

They feature a bottle opener on the sole and a golf tee that inserts into the foot strap.

They are extremely comfortable, as the footbed is artificial turf for an extra gold feel. The rear end of the footbed has a squishy golf ball for increased comfort.

Made with vegan leather and EVA molded high-density outsoles, with a polyester woven liner.

If you want to impress with style and comfort all while letting your toes free, these are your new golf shoes.

The Bottom Line: Best Men’s Sandals

Regardless of what you're looking for, sandals are ideal; I know I'll be rocking the golf sandals on my next golf day. All the sandals provided in this list are sustainable in some way and offer comfort, durability, and stability, not to mention style.


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