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Massive Oil Spill in Salina Cruz Devastates Punta Conejo and Surrounding Coastlines

On Sunday, October 23, the presence of oil and hydrocarbons were discovered on different beaches near the Port of Salina Cruz, Oaxaca. The oil spill has reached Playa Brasil, Playa Azul, and Playa Guelaguichi, affecting the region's fauna, tourism, and fishing activities.

“We have confirmed reports that the crude has reached Playa La Bamba, 25 Km SW away from the spill source. Birds covered in oil were found in Bahías de Huatulco and Morro Ayuta, 105 Km and 68 Km away from the source of the spill. The exact volume of oil spilled and the impacted area remains unknown.” - Gino Passalacqua, Oceanographer & STW Scientific Advisor


Save The Waves also urges local residents and nearby witnesses to download and use the Save The Waves App. Available to local organizations and communities, this mobile tool will help citizens to track the impacts of the oil spill and support the ongoing efforts to map the impacts in affected communities.

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