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Fun Waves for Exciting Opening Day at Morocco Mall Junior Pro Casablanca

The Morocco Mall Junior Pro Casablanca, Stop No.1 on the World Surf League (WSL) European Junior Qualifying Series (JQS), completed an important first day of competition in quality conditions to advance through 28 heats of the men’s and women’s fields.

Pictured: France’s Clemence Schorsch on a good closeout turn. Credit: © WSL / Masurel

A building swell with waves in the 3-to-4 foot range broke all day at Ain Diab beach and provided plenty of scoring opportunities for the opening rounds of both the men and women.

The day witnessed some good performances, including the first excellent scores of the event, an 8.00 point ride (out of 10) from Tom Bahuon (FRA) for a collection of vicious hacks on a long left in the first round and an 8.17 from Dylan Donegan Dos Santos (ESP) in the second round. Other highlights in the men’s field included John John Rabinovitch (ISR)’s highest combined heat total of 13.50 this morning, the qualification of local surfers Neil Aboufiras (MAR), Tareq Tehraoui (MAR), Ali Hansani (MAR), Mohammed Reda Madouar (MAR) and Liam Sahyoun (CHE) into the second round.

The women’s opening round featured a lot of newcomers as well and some of the best performances came from Lucie Bonnier (FRA), Belle Betteridge (GBR), Clemence Schorsch (FRA) and Constância Simões (PRT).

The next call will be at 8 a.m Thursday, at Ain Diab.

The 2023 Morocco Mall Junior Pro Casablanca is scheduled from May 3-7, 2023, at Ain Diab beach, in Casablanca, Morocco. For all LIVE scoring and results, photos, video highlights and press releases, log on to

The Morocco Mall Junior Pro Casablanca is organized by the World Surf League with the support of Morocco Mall, CIH Bank, Maroc Telecom, Afriquia Gaz, Aïn Atlas, Marsa Maroc, Jeep, Rip Curl, City of Casablanca, Casa Baïa, Arma Environnement, 2M, U Radio, Radio Mars, Surf Report Maroc.


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