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The Best E-Foils Reviewed and Ranked for 2024

Alright, so first thing’s first, E-Foils are different from Foils.

E-Foil technically means electric hydrofoil and you won’t need the power of ocean waves to propel you throughout the water because there is an electric motor to do the work for you.

If you want the feeling of flying/gliding over the water for long periods of time, the E-Foil is for you.

They have become very popular within the past few years.

From Kai Lenny foiling on the giant wave of Nazare to your local foiler doing laps around you out in the lineup, these things are seriously fun and an exciting new wave of surfing.

The E-Foil has become very popular in particular because of the motor that allows you to be out there for long periods of time without having to rest.

If I had to describe it, it’s like being a pelican flying close to the water and across the waves.

Advantages of the E-Foil

Electrically propelled, unlike the regular foil. You can stay out longer without getting as physically tired as you would with having to pump the regular foil so much.

Can ride longer distances without the need for wave power.

Great workout. The E-Foil requires a ton of core strength perfect balance to keep afloat.

Disadvantages of the E-Foil

Injury. There are quite a few ways to hurt yourself on the E-Foil if you are not properly prepared or knowledgeable in the safety aspect of riding one.

Extremely expensive. E-Foils are some of the most pricey surf tools around.

Hard to learn. It will take some time getting used to the E-Foil. It is unlike any other form of surfing, it’s something completely different. Be aware that learning will take some time. Take a private lesson from a local instructor or friend.

What should you look for in an E-Foil?

If you are currently considering or looking to buy an E-Foil, there’s a few things to think of.

Yes, you can look at colors and price and take the route of buying a pretty and cheap one, but this is not the best option.

A lot of E-Foils have multiple design options, but this shouldn’t be what you are looking for.

When shopping for an E-Foil, look at customer reviews and shop from companies who have long years of experience in producing their foils.

Companies who pump out cheap foils have products will not last long and will overheat or get damaged easily.

You get what you pay for, so invest in a nicer foil and you will be happy with the product and how long it will last.

The Best E-Foils Today


Lift E-Foils have been around for a good amount of time, which makes them extremely reliable and ultimately the best in the market.

They can go up to 30 miles per hour and the electric ride time will last up to 2-3 hours.

Lift’s boards are safe, steady, and a great option for those looking to invest in a good E-Foil long term.

There are more than plenty of customizable options for your foil including options for board size, colors, battery, front wing, back wing and more.

There are so many amazing reviews from customers and they run up to $11,995 plus shipping.


The Flightboard has not been around as long as Lift, but has been around for a while and is still a great option when considering E-Foils.

There are plenty of design and technical options when choosing your perfect board. This is a great all around board for beginners to advanced foilers.

The battery lasts up to 1-2.5 hours and the board goes for around $9,995 plus shipping.


The Takuma Efoil Carver has a sleek design for a smooth ride.You can choose which battery you would like along with what kind of motor you prefer: jet or propeller.

This option is so smooth and the name Carver fits because it is technically dedicated to carving out there in the water and gliding smoothly.

The best battery option allows you to ride up to an hour and a half. The Takuma Efoil Carver goes for $8,990 plus shipping.


PWR E-foil is an exceptional option for foilers of all levels due to the sturdy but light feeling of riding their board.

There are a lot of customizable options that allow anyone to find what they are searching for.

The board goes up to 24 miles per hour and has a fast battery charging rate so that you can recharge and go back out very quickly and the battery lasts up to an hour and a half.

The PWR E-foil goes for around $3,370 plus shipping which makes this board a nice and cheap option for those wanting to get into E-foiling or those looking for something more affordable.


The best beginner-friendly option, Waydoo E-foils are an affordable and forgiving choice of foils.

There is a softer top which allows extra protection from injury of you and your board.

It is smooth and easy to learn on and you can buy it straight from Amazon, helping shipping costs be a little more affordable than straight from an E-foil website.

The board goes for around $6,500 plus shipping.

Finding The Right E-Foil For You

Whether I have convinced you to try E-foiling or not, there are so many different types of foiling out there for you to try which is probably the reason why foiling has become so extremely popular.

There is E-Foiling, tow foiling, wake foiling, wing foiling, kite foiling, SUP foiling, prone foiling, downwind foiling, and pump foiling.

Do your research before buying a foil and make sure you have the best option for yourself.

If you can, contact a friend who foils or an instructor and get some lessons before you buy so that you know what you want to look for and how the board works.

I want to thank Dave Slemp, First Coast E-Foiling and Lift Affiliate, for all of his wise insight and knowledge in the world of E-foiling and foiling in general. I can’t wait to try out E-foiling now and might start saving up for a board of my own!


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