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The Best Boogie Boards Reviewed for 2024

Updated: Mar 14

Body boards, more commonly known as boogie boards, have been around since 1971 when they were first created in Hawaii using traditional polyethylene foam.

Since then, body boards have made a tremendous leap in innovation, from carbon fiber stringers to lighter and stronger materials that can handle big waves.

The Best Boogie Boards of 2024

Option 1: Morey Mach 10 

Sale price: $200

First launched in 1984 by Morey, the MACH 10 changed the game by introducing stringers made of fiberglass and graphite to the bodyboarding market.

Mach 10 has a narrow template and is a favorite for drop knee enthusiasts. It offers agility and responsive turning ability.

The wider wide point on the board promises stability and allows for seamless spins and rolls on a wave's face.

It is rounded off with nose bulbs, giving it a solid grip during prone rides, and is optimal for control.

Option 2: Science Pro Tech 

Sale price: $166

The Pro's shape is super-fast with enough curve to control that speed for carving sections and throwing airs on any wave, big or small.

It has two stringers, two slotted channels, and a crescent tail great for control.

Also, it is the most affordable on the list for those looking to get into bodyboarding while still getting high performance.

Sale Price: $333

The Science Eleven LTD TriQuad is an original shape from the MS days but upgraded with modern materials, giving you a well-balanced board ready to push your skillset to the next level.

The tri-crescent tail allows for rail-to-rail control, and the quad vent channels will keep you flying down the line.

While it only has one stringer, it is made of carbon fiber and can take any beating.

Sale Price: $379 

The Guru is designed to be as versatile as the Aussie bodyboarding legend Lewy Finnegan.

The carbon fiber stringer and bottom mesh layer give you both great flex and powerful drive, beating out breaking sections and foam balls.

Sale Price: $400

Designed with three-time world champion Ben Player, this boogie board will have you flying and ripping like Ben himself.

It uses ALPHAFLEX, a revolutionary core that ditches the need for a traditional tubular stringer.

The mesh slick that sits in between the core and slick (bottom side of the board) enhances durability and protection for the board and rider, giving the rider more cushion when throwing air.

Option 6: Empire BOTHA PP+ 3/2 BODYBOARD

Sale Price: $334

The Botha is designed with Andre Botha, a young, fearless charger who has already won back-to-back world championships at the age of 17 and 18.

This boogie board introduces a unique 3/2 concave system, meaning there are 3 Extra Deep Concave channels to optimize speed and control & 2 interior concave channels for maximum responsiveness and engagement on the wave face.

It also has two carbon fiber stringers for sizes over 43 inches; all sizes under will only have one carbon fiber stringer. Manufactured in Indonesia, where the best handshapers reside.

Option 7: Custom X JMV Quad Bat Tail / Crescent Tail

Sale Price: $291

The unique bat tail design of the JMV Quad gives the rider full control while maintaining speed and drive. The two carbon fiber stringers help to ensure maximum durability.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Boogie Board

When going out to buy a bodyboard, there are a few key things to check for as each board has different characteristics. The size and flotation of a board vary based on rider height and weight.

The flex of a board is determined by how reactive and, of course, flexible a board is.

Stringers allow for the board to handle more of a beating without snapping. Boards with two or more stringers are more reliable, but the stringer's material also matters.

Lastly, the tail and channels that the boards have change the drive, speed, and maneuverability of the board, like a surfboard.

The Bottom Line: Boogie Boards

Similar to buying a surfboard, don't go spend $60 on Costco boogie boards that will not hold up.

If you want to get into bodyboarding, invest in a board that will last for years and give you the high performance, feel, and ride you are looking for.

Ask your local surf shop employees for their suggestions on board size and flotation, as it can vary based on preference and actual need.


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