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The Best Lifejackets for Paddleboarding in 2024

When searching for the perfect paddleboarding life jacket, safety, comfort, and durability remain top priorities. Amidst the heaps of different options in the modern day, finding a life jacket that covers all bases proves no easy task. 

But when SUP-surfing, taking on whitewater, or casually paddleboarding in lakes and rivers, you need a good life vest.

So what life jackets should you consider buying in 2024? 

The Best Lifejackets for Paddleboarding in 2024

Best High-End Option: Indus by Astral 

Astral revolutionized the personal flotation device (PFD) in the early-2000s, and in 2024, they continue to make headway in whitewater sports production. For a testament to Astral’s growing popularity, look no further than the Indus life vest. 

With 22lbs of buoyancy, versatile pockets, and reinforced shoulders –– all made with Astral’s inventive FoamTectonics architecture –– the Indus is a true work of innovation. 

At $350, the Indus isn’t holding hands. But when it comes to one of the highest-quality products in the industry, expect to pay a lofty price. 

Mid-Range Option: Hustle Life Vest by Kokatat 

For a friendlier cost compared to the Indus, but not exchanging quality for price, the Hustle Life Vest by Kokatat provides. 

Kokatat has gathered a sizable following since its conception in the 1970s. Then, Kokatat was exclusively serving Arcata, CA, but today, products like the Hustle Vest have allotted them high regards in the paddle-sport industry. 

With a USCG Type III approval, the Hustle Vest provides a tried-and-true assurance to those seeking utmost security. Although it may not have the bells and whistles of higher-end vests, it comes equipped with everything you might need: pockets, high-tenacity nylon, safety knife attachment.

At $150, you could do yourself much worse than going with the Hustle Vest.

Mid-Range Option: Zen Type V Vest by NRS 

Like Kokatat, NRS has emerged as a staple of the market and has been since the 1990s. In 2024, NRS’s Zen Type V is premium when it comes to mid-range PFDs. 

Unlike other vests in the ballpark, the Zen Type V has a few additional gadgets that make it stand out, like security pockets and a quick-release belt. The Type V is slim, yet weighted at 17.5lbs buoyancy. 

At around $200, the Type V makes up for additional functionality in that price tag, but for such a grade-A life vest, the Zen Type V remains surprisingly affordable. 

Low-End Option: MoveVent by Onyx 

For casual paddlers on a tight budget, the MoveVent offers quality at a reasonable cost. 

With nylon fixings, storage pockets, and a pre-attached safety whistle, the MoveVent offers all the necessities –– even bearing a USCG stamp of approval. 

That said, the MoveVent isn’t recommended for extreme whitewater ventures.

For safety when exploring lakes and rivers or for additional floatation in small waves, the MoveVent is a great $80 alternative to more expensive PFDs. 

The Best Lifejackets for Paddleboarding: The Bottom Line

This list offers a selection varying in quality and cost according to your needs.

Above all your considerations, however, safety should be on top. 

From the Indus to the MoveVent, these vests will do the jobs. But keep in mind that each vest is created for a specific purpose, so conducting more research on these PFDs will help you find which is perfect for you and your preferences.


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