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The Best Waterproof Key Holders & Lockboxes for Surfers

Hiding your keys before heading out to snag a couple of nuggs is every surfer's problem.

Whether you’re concealing them on your tire, tossing them into a bush, or nestling them behind a rock next to your car, there is always the risk that you'll return and find your car has been broken into or, worst of all, stolen.

Don’t be that Jerry; invest in a waterproof key holder or lockbox, especially if you have an electronic key fob.

What is a Waterproof Key Holder, and Why Do You Need One?

A waterproof key holder is meant to keep those electronic and proximity keys dry while taking away the worry of potentially not finding your keys where you left them after a long session. 

The Best Waterproof Key Holders

Key Holders

Option 1: K-Guard

If you own a proximity key that unlocks your car when close, then K-Guard is the perfect choice for you. Its silicone body ensures comfort when worn inside your suit and doesn’t cause any rashes.

It can be submerged for up to four hours at a depth of 40 meters.

The long cord allows for versatile use around the neck, or if you prefer tying it on the chest or leg over your wetsuit, the small cord will suffice.

Option 2: KeyFender

KeyFender is also made for proximity keys. Its slim design makes it easy to put anywhere in your suit.

The foam insert is meant to reduce the movement of your key inside the case while in the water.

The only thing is that it is a snap-on case and, in rare instances, can open, but it likely won’t happen unless you’re getting slammed on sandbars at beach breaks.

Option 3: KEEBUNGA

Similar in design to the KeyFender, the KeeBunga has a pod-like shape that offers ample space for the typical key fob, with internal dimensions measuring 12mm x 55mm x 30mm.

Rest assured that your key will stay dry with this holder, as each one undergoes testing at a one-meter depth for over 12 hours before being sent to you.

While it features a hard shell that may not be as comfortable, it securely ties to your chest or leg strings inside the wetsuit.

Forget the lanyard with this one.

The Best Lock Boxes 

The FCS Key Lock Safe features a built-in proximity key blocker, ensuring that if your car unlocks when it senses your key close to it, you don’t have to worry.

The foam pad on the back of the lock prevents scratches to your car. It boasts over 10,000 possible lock combinations and best of all; no key is required to unlock it.

Simply set a number sequence code, and you are good to go.

It has a steel shackle foundation covered in high-grade plastic.

This is my go-to surf key holder. It features an adjustable metal clip that can be easily attached to your door handle.

Internally, it is extremely spacious, and the large button above the combination numbers, making it easy to open and close.

Additionally, it comes with a cover for the face of the lockbox, making it less noticeable.

While I love the Master Lock Box, it does not fit around a car hitch or large handle.

The Stash Box makes it easy to attach anywhere and has a cover for the combination section of the lock. It comes at a relatively high price of $75.

The box is water-resistant and includes a proximity blocker.

The Bottom Line: Waterproof Key Holders and Lock Boxes

Both waterproof key holders and lockboxes are essential for keeping your belongings secure while you're out regulating your local lineup.

Whether you prefer to keep your key on you at all times in the water or secure it in a lockbox, investing in either option will provide the peace of mind you need.

Check out the provided links so that the sketchy guy who always checks out your car doesn't get a lucky day.


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