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The Best Surfboards to Buy Online

With the increase of modern technology, your perfect surfboard can be right at your fingertips.

As you can pick designs that accommodate your surfing preferences or custom orders that reflect the precise dimensions you desire, ordering a surfboard online can be a very convenient way to get exactly what you are looking for.

In this article, we will take a look at the advantages of purchasing a surfboard online, a few features to keep your eye out for, companies that will deliver right to your doorstep, and finally, alternatives to purchase budgeted boards.

Why Buy a Surfboard Online?


One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a surfboard online is that it is insanely convenient.

Instead of driving to and from various surf shops looking for the perfect board, you can visit hundreds of websites without moving from the comfort of your home.

Then, when it comes to purchasing, all you need to do is type in your information, push a button, and you’ll have a brand new board on your doorstep in a matter of days.

Unlimited Options

The other main appeal of online surfboards are the unlimited options that are available.

In a surf shop, if you are expecting to walk away with a new board within the same day, you’ll be limited to the stock of boards inside the shop.

Alternatively, there is no shortage of options when searching online.

With that being said, in this article we will only be looking at a small fraction of what the internet has to offer when it comes to surfboards.

What to Look For with a Surfboard Online


When making a new surfboard purchase, cost can vary drastically depending on the brand and style of board you are looking at.

For example, beginner surfboards can start at $250, while hand shaped boards can run up to $1000 and above.

With that being said, it is important to set a budget before you start your search.

Look for surfboards within your price range, but also be open to spending a little extra if surfing is one of your passions and something you wish to pursue in the future.


While scrolling through boards, it’s important to look at the size and dimensions of the board.

If you are a beginner, it is easiest to catch a wave on a board that is around 7 to 9ft.

However, if you are a more experienced surfer, you may be more familiar with which boards you prefer to ride and as a result can pick another board that matches similar dimensions.


Another characteristic that is consistent with many surfboards is that they will be categorized by their model.

A model is a specific design that a shaper has created and produces multiple surfboards embodying that same model.

So, as you look online, check to see if it is categorized under a specific model, what the model specializes in, and finally if it suits the style of surfing you want the surfboard for.

The Best Surfboards Online Today

Best Beginner Surfboards

Wavestorm: $235

One of the most popular beginner boards is the wavestorm, due to its durability, buoyancy, and size.

The primary feature that makes this board good for beginners is that it is a foam board.

This means that the wavestorm can battle being bumped and dropped, as well as float above the water and easily graze into waves.

Although wavestorms come in a variety of different lengths, you should aim for the 7 or 8ft range to begin your surfing journey.

The next best manufacturer for beginner boards is Catch Surf.

This brand is notorious for their foam boards with bright and eye-catching designs.

While this specific board is best for beginners, Catch Surf has many other boards to choose from that are a little bit smaller that you can switch to as you improve at surfing.

Like the wavestorm, these boards are super easy to catch waves on and are built with durability in mind.

So, if you value the design and looks of your board, the catch surf website is a perfect place for you to scroll on.

Positive Vibe Warriors 8’0” Softboard $550

The Positive Vibe Warriors Softboard is another great board to test out as you are getting the hang of surfing, however it is made so that you are able to continue riding it even after you’ve got years of experience under your belt.

Some of the board's features include a pulled in tail, single fin, wax free deck pad, and 100% recyclable foam material.

Above all else, your purchase of these boards goes straight to funding the company's foundation which assists emerging surf cultures and supports youth water safety organizations.


Thalia Surf: $875-$1795

Thalia Surf Shop is one notable company that is consistently receiving new longboards in store as well as on their website.

On their website, you will be able to find a variety of quality shapers that all modify their shape of longboards to fit their intended audience.

One notable longboard you can purchase from the Thalia Surf website is the Grant Noble x Russell Surfboards 9’4” Combination Model Surfboard.

Not only is this board made by a reliable shaper who rides very similar boards to the one’s he is shaping, but it is already shaped and ready to be sent to your home with the month-long wait that comes with custom ordering a longboard.

Another well known longboard company with the option to ship boards is Bing.

While Bing has many different longboard models that all specialize in improving specific aspects of your surfing, they all have one thing in common; they all are finished with a beautiful glassing job and glide perfectly across the water.

Though longboards can be quite the investment, purchasing them from great shapers ensures that you’ll enjoy riding this board for years and can practice the noseriding and carving that you expect to get from riding a larger board.


Similar to Thalia Surf, Daydream is another surf shop that carries many different shapers boards that you can examine and purchase in store, but you can also order directly from their website and have it shipped to you.

Although they also carry longboards and shortboard, I took a specific look into their midlengths all of which have a clean white finish for an elegant look.

A few available midlengths on their website are listed below:

If we know one thing for sure, it is that there is no shortage of midlengths available on the Mollusk Surf Shop website that can be delivered to you within 2-5 days for the low cost of $200.

With these types of fragile boards that have a glassed finish, transportation can be tricky and expensive, but Mollusk Surf Shop has got you covered.

Take a look at any of their stylish boards and read up on their shaper and model to see which one fits how you wish to surf it.

For instance, the 7’2” Christensen C-Bucket they have available is a perfect pick for you if you wish to glide and trim on the wave, as well as just cruise down the line.


The album website has a very diverse selection when it comes to surfboards they have in stock and ready to purchase.

Looking specifically at their fishes, they have asymmetrical, foam, and used boards available all with one click.

In an effort to highlight some specific features of a board, we took a close look at the 5’11” Light Bender.

This high performance fish was built to fit into tighter pockets all while keeping its ability to flow on the wave like a traditional fish.

Album was able to achieve these characteristics by making the fish a little bit longer and more narrow.

Panda Surfboards

One of Panda Surfboards most popular fish model is the Rocket Fish. This board is the perfect mix between a high performance shortboard and a fun board.

Aside from this specific board, Panda surfboards have a couple other stock fish boards in a model called the Astro Zombie whose key feature is its ability to obtain speed.

Both these models are perfect purchases if you are in the market for a fish and can be shipped right to you.


Arakawa is the place to go whether you are looking to purchase a stock board or submit a custom order.

All of these boards are hand shaped on the North Shore of Oahu and are made to suit your exact build and style of surfing if you order a custom board.

However, if you are wanting to order a board that has already been shaped and ready to go, they have over 15 different models for you to choose from.

Arakawa is constantly researching new materials and are flexible to shifting towards new resin, foam, and fiberglass to ensure all their products are top of the line.

Where to Buy Used Surfboards Online

We know buying a brand new surfboard isn’t always easy on the wallet so here are a few places to find used surfboards online if you are on a tight budget.

Offer Up

First up is offer up.

While you can scroll for hours on this app and find all types of surfboards in various conditions, the one downside is that you have to pick up these boards in person.

With that being said, as you are searching online you are restricted to looking at locations surrounding your neighborhood.

Another great resource for buying used surfboards online is Used Surf, based out of San Clemente, California.

While you are able to physically walk in and pick out a board, Used Surf is one of the few places that ships used boards directly to you.

Plus, if you are shipping a smaller board, the shipping is only an additional $85 which is a bargain when it comes to the materials required to protect your board during travel.

Buying Surfboards Online

When facing a big purchase like a surfboard, you want to ensure that you are choosing a board that is perfect for you that you’ll be able to enjoy for years.

One way to be certain of your purchase is through scrolling the many options that are available online.

So, using some of the websites we provided above, take a look at some new boards and within just a few clicks you can have a brand new board in your hands just in time for the Holiday season.


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