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Where to Surf in Hossegor: La Sud, La Piste & More

Hossegor sits on the southwestern coast of France and is one of the hubs of surfing in Europe.

Along with the deep history of the town, it lies along some of the best beach breaks surfers from all over the world travel to go score perfect waves.

With plenty of breaks to choose from, here are a few spots to aid the confusion.

Hossegor Surf Guide

Waves in Hossegor

The waves in Hossegor can range anywhere from small peelers to 18-foot barrels that hollow, fast and powerful.

A force to be reckoned with, most of these waves are for advanced surfers when the swells hit.

The peak time for surfing in Hossegor is in the fall season, specifically in September and October thanks to its ability to pick up practically every swell direction. This is ideal for experienced surfers while the summer season would be ideal for beginners.

Surf Culture at Hossegor

The surf culture is very mellow and an escape from the bustling chaos of the similar surf town, Biarritz, France. The people are friendly, cruising through both life and waves. Most people take their time and enjoy a coffee to complete their mornings spent surfing. 

Granted, there is some localism that will occur at any high performance, epic wave.

If you’re a new surfer, it is best to use best judgement on whether to paddle out or not based off the criticalness of the swell.

Gear Needed to Surf In Hossegor

In the summer months from around June to September all you’ll need is a 2mm spring suit or boardies with water temperatures being in the 70s Fahrenheit.

Around October it stays cold until about May with temperatures as cold as 53 degrees Fahrenheit. A 4/3 chest zip full suit would suit best.

Some booties wouldn’t hurt as well.

In mellow conditions, longboarding is an appropriate option. Once the swells begin in the fall season and go through till the spring, a high performance shortboard is necessary to handle the large and power punching waves.

The Best Waves in Hossegor

Spot 1: La Sud

Sitting in the south end of Hossegor, La Sud is more protected by the harbor, providing a place for young ones or beginners to surf mellow waves even amidst a swell. 

This is the best place for those looking to learn how to surf or longboard. The locals call it “kiddies”.

It is both a left and a right and keeps good shape whilst being about half the size if everywhere else in the area is 6-8 foot.

Spot 2: La Piste

A classic barrel spot for Hossegor, La Piste is for those who crave speed and thrive in flow. This is a break for shortboarders, with many professional surfers coming out to catch a swell here.

Beware of the crowds and localism here, but as long as you are respectful and stay cautious, it should only be fun from there on.

It offers both left and rights and works best on a west swell and mid to high tide since a tide drop would just be pure whomping closeouts.

If you catch it at the right time, you might find yourself having the best session of your life.

Spot 3: La Graviere

This is a very popular spot amongst locals and travelers coming to surf iconic Hossegor.

Another spot that picks up the swells almost too easily – speedy and heavy barrels that break near the shore.

The peak is quite the competitions among the lineup, so well surfed shortboarders can handle against the locals.

Since it breaks so close to shore, it can only work at certain tides. It breaks throughout the whole year and can be a fun spot for everyone in the summer months in mellower conditions.

Spot 4: La Nord

Rip Curl’s La Nord Challenge is held at this beach every year with no surprise as to why.

It is the go-to spot for big wave surfers and those looking for a place to bring out their guns. 

It is a completely exposed beach break, taking in swells from almost every direction. It’ll really get cranking from northwest or direct west swells, getting around 16-18 feet in the winter months.

This spot is definitely for those experienced and big wave surfers that are looking for a new spot to try out in their craft.

What To Do In Hossegor When the Waves Are Flat

When there is a flat swell, there is a plethora of things to do in the beautiful city of Hossegor. 

There are farmers markets throughout the week around the streets of Hossegor. Indulge in the local fruit, vegetables, sweets and culture of France through the Basque country foods.

There are various popular restaurants that are essential to Hossegor, such as Cafe de Paris, Diu Biban Hossegor - La Table, La Poupe and many others walking distance within the area.

There is a big skating community in Hossegor. Taking a quick venture to the local skateparks filled with friendly locals and groms is something active to do within the day when the surf isn’t included.

The Bottom Line: Surfing Hossegor

Hossegor varies greatly throughout the seasons – sometimes flat or absolutely pumping. Depending on your skill level, it’s important to choose the right time to go to find the best waves for you.

Hopeful you can find a time to explore that part of the world, its waves, culture and history!


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