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The Best Surfboard Racks for 2024

When your surfboard collection begins to grow, it is very likely that it will become disorganized.

Whether this means your boards will be in random places throughout your house, or being knocked over and damaged, a surfboard rack is a perfect solution to fixing these problems.

Owning a surfboard rack can come with a series of advantages, but knowing which one to invest in can help eliminate any potential disadvantages.

Keep reading to discover the best surfboard racks on the market today.

Do You Need A Surfboard Rack?

One concern you may be having while deciding whether to purchase a surfboard rack or not is the cost.

Although this may be a disadvantage, this small investment has far more benefits.

There are many advantages to owning a surfboard rack, some of which being storage, efficiency, protection, and aesthetics.


A surfboard rack designates a specific place in your home to store all your boards, instead of having them laying throughout your house.


When conditions shift and you need to trade out your current everyday board for a new one, a surfboard rack is efficient and easily accessible.


A surfboard rack would ensure that no house guests would be knocking over your boards or stepping on them, preventing potential dings.


A surfboard rack can serve as a house decoration.

Instead of spending money on knick-knacks to fill up space, invest in a surfboard rack to enhance design layouts and overall efficiency.

The Best Surfboard Racks Today

Gnarwall Vertical Rack

The Gnarwall Vertical Rack features 11 slots separated by transparent acrylic dividers, and cork padding.

This particular surfboard rack is perfect for surfers with a large quiver.

It allows you to store up to 11 different surfboards, with or without fins, freeing up tons of space throughout your home.

You also have the ability to remove the acrylic dividers for more freedom in choosing what boards you would like to display, expanding options to longboards as well.

On top of all this, the Gnarwall vertical surfboard rack is only $159.00, placing it on the cheaper end of the surfboard rack market.

So, if you are on the hunt for a surfboard rack that will fit many boards, the Gnarwall Vertical Rack is one of the best and most cost efficient options.

Learn more about the Gnarwall Vertical Surfboard Rack.

Gnarwall Horizontal Rack

The Gnarwall Horizontal Rack has the option for a 3-board multi rack or a 6-board multi rack.

Both include removable transparent acrylic dividers that simply pop into place.

This surfboard rack is a great option for someone looking to use their surfboard rack for decorative purposes.

It can be placed:

  • above any couch

  • bed

  • anywhere else on a wall

This also means that it won’t take up any additional floor space that you may not have.

However, there are few disadvantages connected to this board.

First off, this board rack can only hold up to 15 lb boards, meaning that it cannot be used for some longboards.

Additionally, it isn’t a surfboard rack suitable for a large collection of boards.

The 3-board surfboard rack comes in at $159.00 and the 6-board rack is marketed at $279.00.

So, if your primary interest is with decoration and aesthetics, the Gnarwall Horizontal Rack is a perfect option for you.

Pacifica Freestanding Surfboard Rack

The Pacifica Freestanding Surfboard Rack is made with Baltic Birch and includes inlaid rubber to ensure the safety of your surfboards.

One quality that sets this surfboard rack apart from the rest is its ability to stand on its own.

This means that you don’t have to go through the hassle of drilling in your walls, or the risk of the rack falling down.

The Freestanding Surfboard Rack also has the advantage of mobility.

If you are unhappy with its current placement in your home, you are able to choose a new location for it because it isn’t connected to the wall itself.

However, a downside of this rack could be its price.

Like the Gnarwall Horizontal Rack, it comes in with one of the higher prices, although it can only fit up to 3 or 4 boards.

The freestanding surfboard rack with 3 available slots is priced at $200, while the 4 slotted rack comes in at $220.

Learn more about the Pacifica Surfboard Rack.

Grassracks Freestanding Surf Board Rack

This surfboard rack comes in on the higher end of the market at $249.00, but provides a series of advantages.

To begin, this board rack is freestanding so it once again takes away the trouble of drilling holes into the wall, and brings in the ability to move it around.

Additionally, this model includes a lining of padding to ensure that your boards will not be damaged while they are being stored.

When taking a look at the appearance of this specific rack, it is an eyecatcher that can be used as a focal point in any room.

On top of all of this, Grassracks surfboard rack is incredibly easy to put together, as all of the parts snap right into place.

Learn more about the Grassracks surfboard rack.

Make Your Own Surfboard Rack

Another way to solve the problem of disorganized boards is to simply take matter into your own hands and make your own surfboard rack.

To make your own vertical surfboard rack, all you would need is:

  • a piece of wood the length that you want your surfboard rack to be, to act as the back post that your boards will rest on

  • wooden rods, specific to the amount of dividers you want

  • screws

  • drill

Once you have all these materials, you will drill the wooden rods into the long piece of wood, according to the size of your boards.

When all the dividers are in place, the long piece of wood can be mounted to the wall.

From here, some additional materials could include cut pool noodles to cushion the wooden rods, or grass turf on the ground to prevent potential dings.

Depending on the size of the rack you intend to create and the additional materials you may need, the price may range anywhere from $50- $200, matched with at least 45 minutes of work.

The Best Surfboard Racks Today

Surfboard racks have been proven to be extremely beneficial in organization and efficiency in your everyday life.

While all these surfboard racks have their own advantages and disadvantages, the choice ultimately comes down to your personal preference.

Either way, we recommend adding one of these surfboard racks to your personal space.


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