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“Dear Jasper”: KAVU Celebrates Mother’s Day With Powerful Surf Film 

 A surfer's letter to her daughter of love, parenthood, and setting intentions.

Mother’s day is so much more than a day on the calendar. 

It’s a celebration of mothers. After all, there’s only one way we came into this world — and that’s thanks to our mother. 

To raise a child is no small feat; it requires complete selflessness, a total giving of yourself to someone else and someone else’s life journey.

But that’s not all.

What’s also required is patience, dedication, and above all, love as constant as the changing tide. 

All of these qualities are really letters of love that our incredible mothers give us throughout our lives. 

And these qualities, love letters, and the essence of motherhood is exemplified in Dear Jasper. 

A film by KAVU, Dear Japser follows Meira Cole, a passionate surfer and devoted parent, as she pens a love letter to her daughter, Jasper. 

In the letter, she tells Jasper what it was like the first time she sensed her body changing; she tells Jasper how she charged double overhead Hanalei while growing in her belly; and she offers a roadmap for how Jasper can navigate the challenging human experience. 

“A life best lived is one full of experimentation and exploration,” Meira says in the emotional film. "And the ocean can be your guide through tough and turbulent times."

From the cold and rainy Pacific Northwest to the warm and rugged terrain of Kauai, the surf film reflects on the power of intentionality, the beauty of family bonds, and above all, the transformative power of motherhood. 

On a different level, the film also touches on how we as surfers — and we as humans — have a responsibility to take care of what takes care of us, and that's the ocean and the earth as a whole.

From storyline to music, the shots and the emotion, KAVU'S Dear Jasper one of the best films we’ve seen lately — and one of the best surf films that exemplifies what mother’s day is all about. 

KAVU Presents I Dear Jasper, A Good Weather Studios Production

Directed by: Brady Mickelson

Producer: Jeff Shapiro

Executive Producer: Barry Barr Cast: Jasper, Meira and Louie Cole

Cinematography: Kelly Hammond and Brady Mickelson

Story by: Meira Cole and Jeff Shapiro

Editor: Brady Mickelson

Unit Production Manager: Daniel Holmes

Music by: Boone River, Thrupence and Sheffield

Line Producer: Tyler Lee

16mm Scans: Origins Archival

Rentals: We Are Stepchild

Filmed On Location: Newport, OR and Hanalei, Kauai

Shot on Kodak Film


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