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melin Launches Ryan Sheckler’s Limited Edition Signature Hat

melin is announcing the launch of the Limited Edition Signature Passage Explorer HYDRO, skateboarding legend Ryan Sheckler’s signature melin exclusive.

Sheck’s personal creation, the Passage, is a fresh take on a throwback melin silhouette.

Decked out with a sleek, blacked-out colorway, bold shape, and stitched to symbolize Ryan’s perseverance, both on and off a skateboard.

For over 20 years, Sheckler has been a mainstay in the skateboarding world. Trick after trick, cover after cover, sponsorship after sponsorship, Shecks has built a legendary career. A real Pro’s Pro. But if you ask him, it’s the injuries endured, and obstacles overcome that most define him. Every fall in between stomping the un-doable tricks. Each lesson learned, most definitely the hard way.

They say “Fall down 7 times, get up 8…“ So what happens when you fall 7,000 times?

You show yourself, “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.”

Classic Style Revived

Shecks dug into our archive to revive a classic melin fit: The Passage. The Passage is a stylish, Split Fit shape similar to the Odyssey. Crafted with a flat bill, shallow depth, and a confident jet-black colorway, the Passage completes every look.

“An all-black hat looks great with everything, and I made this one for everyone.-Ryan Sheckler


Skating isn’t for the faint of heart. Falls are inevitable, injuries too. That’s why the Passage is built tough enough to endure each tweak and every triumph - and look even better tomorrow.

Shecks’ Selections

Each aspect was hand-picked by Ryan. The shape, colorway, personal crest, Bible verse, and slogan are all a reflection of him and how he’s made it this far.

Certainly not alone, and nowhere near done. Shecks knows NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

The Ryan Sheckler Limited Edition Passage Explorer HYDRO arrives at $79 and is available in three sizes. A classic melin silhouette, refreshed by Sheckler’s latest signature exclusive creation, the Passage sits a bit higher on the head, with a west coast flat bill, loaded with confidence and sure to make a statement wherever your day takes you.

Passage Explorer HYDRO Features:

  • Made for the water so you can stay out longer

  • Buoyant visor core

  • Moisture wicking lining

  • Water & sweat repellent

  • Custom molded trims

  • Antimicrobial triple quilted sweatband

  • Durable materials built to last

Ryan Sheckler’s Limited Edition Passage Explorer HYDRO is now available at:

  • The melin Customer Experience Lab @ 1273 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

  • Our premier retail partners

  • 24/7 on

About melin: melin created the category of premium headwear. Based in southern California we are inspired by our love for the outdoors, luxury fashion, sport, music and art. We are meticulous and detail driven in our product design and build our products for those of us set on curating excellence. We make Better Headwear for Better Adventures. #HaveMoreFun

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