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Kershaw: The Ultimate Waterman's Knife for 2024

"I’m a captain formerly known as Laserwolf. I’m a father, fishing guide, photographer, wave rider, classic car enthusiast, and all-around salty dog. Whether I’m out at sea or locked on land, I’m never without a good blade. "

As a surfer, boater, fisherman, or waterman, we're all looking for tools that can use to help us enjoy our time in or on the water.

Whether it's cutting fishing line, making a bonfire, or more, the need for a cutting device near the water will always arise.

Watermen strive for products that are durable, lightweight, and simple to use — that's where Kershaw's knives come in.

Kershaw has been making great and affordable knives since 1974 — but their glory days aren't relegated to the past; they continue to make the ultimate waterman's knife today.

Whether you're in or on the water, a Kershaw knife should be a permanent staple in your waterman's gear.

Check out Kershaw's line of next-level pocket knives right here.


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