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How IronSkinn Protects Surfers from Deadly Shark Bites

A shark attack is every surfer's biggest fear.

From the "shark bite capital of the world" in Florida, to Great White shark attacks in California's cool waters, tiger shark attacks in Hawaii, and Great White shark attacks in Australia, Reunion Island, South Africa and beyond, shark bites are not only a fear, but as we pioneer new surf frontiers and spend more time on surfboards, shark attacks become an even greater reality.

What makes a shark attack so terrifying is yes, you can lose a limb or even your life. But the foundation of that fear is that a surfer has no control over a shark bite or shark attack.

IronSkinn has changed that.

A new era in shark protection, thanks to IronSkinn. Photo courtesy IronSkinn

IronSkinn's "IronsSurf Armor" offers ultra-tough, lightweight and flexible armor for surfers and water enthusiasts.

Even better, it's been developed and tested for over a decade — the material testing has been conducted with shark experts in New Zealand, shark experts in the USA, and material science experts from the Helmerich Research Center.

That's right — IronSkinn can withstand a bite from a shark of this size. Video courtesy IronSkinn

So when IronSkinn says they offer the highest levels of protection and flexibility in the world, they have the data and testimonials to prove it — unlike shark deterrent products in the past.

The potential for a shark attack is unnerving, and a solution has long been sought. IronSkinn looked at this challenge from a different way.

Instead of asking "how do you deter a shark from biting" — which requires the use of magnets and contrasting stripes, the challenge was seen as "how do you reduce or eliminate the damage if a bite happens"?

For over a decade, IronSkinn has seen the issue as bite physics, and not bite behavior.

If you can take away the cutting/puncture from the teeth, then you can take away the blood loss — which is the main cause of fatality.

Finding materials that can prevent the tooth from puncturing through is one challenge.

The other is configuring protective material in a comfortable garment.

It’s a paradox for armor designers centuries old: materials that are comfortable are not very protective, and vice versa.

The challenge is to maximize both comfort and protection simultaneously — something IronSkinn has acheived.

The IronsSurf Armor has been tested with multiple shark species, and has yet to be penetrated by a bite — a tremendous first in the world!

IronSkinn surf armor has been tested with Bull sharks, and Great White sharks, which can exhibit different biting behavior.

Great Whites tend to inflict a massive surprise bite, and swim away temporarily.

Bull Sharks, tend to bite, hold, and thrash violently.

IronSkinn surf armor panels have been tested with both Great White sharks, and Bull sharks, not allowing either shark's teeth to puncture through the panel.

A field test in New Zealand revealed no internal puncture on the IronSkinn armor after a bite from a Great White. Photo courtesy IronSkinn

High Strength Textiles 15x stronger than steel by weight!

The pant assembly uses multiple soft armor panels, comprised of a proprietary layering of high-strength textile materials.

Each panel is approximately 5mm thick total and configured so the garment allows a full range of movement.

The shark teeth get caught in the outer layer of these panels — and can't get through to the other side.


The last thing you want to surf in is a heavy suit, especially if you're in deep water in Hawaii, South Africa, or Australia.

The Ironskinn surf armor is buoyant, which provides added safety in strong surf.

Flexible and Pliable For Peak Surf Performance

To defeat a shark bite, you need some thickness.

The armor panels in the pant are 5mm thick, and the total weight of the pant is about 6 lbs when dry.

In the water, the pants are buoyant from water displacement, and the flexibility allows a full range of movement.

The flexibility is great, and the buoyancy can help in rough surf, but you’ll need to practice to get used to the feel.

The reality is, if you are riding a motorcycle at high speeds, wearing just a baseball cap may feel great, but only a more robust motorcycle helmet will provide significant protection.

Similarly, IronSkinn surf pants are designed and tested to be robust enough to defeat the puncture and cutting from a bite, and still allow a full range of movement.


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