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4 Reasons Why Cor Surf Makes Today's Best Surfboard Rack

For the last year, I’ve slowly been losing space in my house for my surfboards.

Where my longboards used to stand is now a baby crib; where my shortboards used to stand is now a room filled with baby toys. 

It’s part of a rite of passage becoming a dad, and I’ve loved everything about fatherhood — I just need a place for my surfboards that isn’t my closet (I’m running out of space in there too).

As your family grows and space dwindles, the need for a surfboard rack — one that keeps your boards protected from the elements and dings — becomes critical.

I didn't want my surfboards to get stuck outside in the sun, and I didn't want them to get thrown into a pile in a corner that would eventually be replaced with something else baby-related.

I needed a wall mount for my surfboards, and I needed one fast.

I didn't anticipate the search for a wall mount to take so much time. One option looked far too expensive for pieces of wood to keep your board upright … I couldn't swallow spending hundreds of dollars for this project.

Another didn’t seem to have enough slots for my specific quiver. 

And a third option had too many slots for my quiver.

In addition to all this, I couldn't help but wonder where the materials were sourced from, because the options I was looking at didn't seem eco friendly.

I almost gave up the search entirely to build by own wooden rack, but with a full time job, a baby, and a desire to catch waves, I knew I didn't have the time.

I needed a wall rack that was affordable, eco-friendly, easy to use, and versatile.

Then, I stumbled upon Cor Surf’s Multi Rack, a triple wooden wall rack that can hold not only up to three boards, but also snowboards or skateboards. 

Cor Surf's Multi Rack promises to hold three surfboards. Photo courtesy Cor Surf

Because of its versatility, and its price — $74.99 — I was sold. 

A week later, I was surprised when I received the wall mount: a thin but heavy box no more than an arm’s length. It seemed far smaller than I had anticipated, which was a welcome sign, because we didn't have much space for it in the first place.

The big question for me was the install. I wanted to install it right, but I didn't want to spend days on the project. Using a power drill, and watching Cor Surf Founder Andy Gossett in an instructional video, I had the board racks on the wall in no time.   

The most challenging part was ensuring the wall mounts were even. But once that's done, it's ready to go!

I grabbed my 5'10, and held my breath as I placed it on the first rack. It held steady! I followed suit with my mid length and longboard; the board mount was solid, sturdy, and since then, hasn't shown any sign of wear and tear or the potential of it falling out of the wall.

Weeks after install, there's even more qualities about the Cor Surf Multi Rack that I love.

#1: The Cor Surf Multi Rack is affordable.

There's quite a bit of surfboard wall mounts to choose from in today's crowded market, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

What made Cor Surf's option stand out was its price.

I couldn't swallow spending more than $100 on this project, and Cor Surf came in at a price point of $74.99.

That alone made me happy with the purchase.

#2: Cor Surf's Multi Rack is easy to install.

The last thing I wanted was a booklet of 100 directions to get the surf rack on the wall.

That's not the case with Cor Surf's Multi Rack; it's an easy and logical thought process, and Andy's videos on the product page answer any questions you may have about the process.

It's a quick, no stress installation experience, and that's what makes the product so great.

#3: Cor Surf's Multi Rack is made from eco-friendly, sustainable wood. 

That's a big question I had looking at the surfboard rack options today; were the products actually eco friendly?

Cor Surf's is, which made their product that much more attractive.

Plus, the bamboo the surf rack is made from is one of the strongest on the market, so you can be sure that you're getting the best and strongest materials with your purchase.

Bamboo isn't just eco friendly; it's strong and durable to keep your boards safe now and in the future. Photo courtesy Cor Surf

#4: Cor Surf's Multi Rack is not just functional; it’s for display too. 

Truth be told, I wasn’t necessarily looking for a design aesthetic with my surfboard rack purchase. I was looking to solve a space problem.

But Cor Surf’s Multi Rack is stylish, and adds an element of design to the room.

The rack and my boards have turned out to be a conversation starter more times than I would have anticipated. 

The boards can be displayed laying down, or they can be propped up on their rails. It’s a tiny design element that makes a huge display difference. 

Laying down or on rail: you can choose how you display your surfboards with Cor Surf's Multi Rack. Photo courtesy Cor Surf

There's no doubt about it: if you're looking for a surfboard rack that is affordable, durable, eco-friendly, and easy to use, it's Cor Surf's Multi Rack. Thanks to years of innovation, the surfboard rack is complex enough to give you different design aesthetic options and be pleasing to the eye, while being simple enough to install quickly.


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