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The Best Surfing Podcasts of 2024

As viewers, we get plenty of behind-the-scenes footage of what goes into surfing on the tour or professionally and more. 

But not often are we given the opportunity as fans to listen to and admire the stories/tales and thought processes of professional surfers. 

In this article, we'll break down the best surf podcasts for you to listen to today.

The Best Surfing Podcast Today 

The Lineup

The Lineup was the first podcast created directly by the World Surf League, which began in 2020.

It is hosted by Dave Prodan, who is the chief strategy officer and executive for the WSL.

Episodes are typically released every one to two weeks.

Prodan mostly interviews surfers, but also discusses current news and occurrences in the surf world and speaks with influential people involved in the WSL and surf industry.

Ain't That Swell

Created in 2013 by Vaughn Dead and Jed Smith, Dead is the former editor of Surfing World Magazine, Tracks, and Waves, while Smith is the former editor of Stab Magazine.

This comical duo leaves you with constant humor, in-depth stories, and analyses of the surf industry and those involved. Available on Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Apple Music.

Nate and Koa Podcast

Future big wave hall of famer Nathan Florence and straight charger Koa Rothman, both local boys from the North Shore of Oahu, spearhead this podcast.

Named after themselves, the podcast is a sit-down style deep dive into their thought process while surfing big waves or recounting stories of close calls.

They cover anything from stories, life-changing experiences, life hacks, and interviews with pro surfers.


For those of you looking to improve your surfing, the In-Depth podcast hosted by Australian surf coach Luke Hardacre will get you to the next level.

The podcast revolves around surf techniques, board styles, how to progress to shortboards as a beginner surfer, and much more.

If you are just starting to surf or need some tips on how to progress, check out the In-Depth podcast.

Pinch My Salt, Sterling Spencer

Born in Pensacola, Florida, Sterling Spencer was a professional surfer and surf content creator until he had a major brain injury due to taking a fin to the head while surfing.

This injury nearly made him a paraplegic.

After a full recovery, Spencer still surfs and creates hilarious content and films.

The Pinch My Salt podcast is a comical take on everything surfing, from stories to current topics in the surf world.

The Bottom Line: Surfing Podcast 

There are tons of surf podcasts, some more conversational and storytelling-esque rather than interviews.

The J.O.B podcast, created by Jamie O’Brien, is a great one as well, but I did not mention it in the list as he hasn’t posted a new podcast episode in over 10 months.

With that being said, it is worth it to go check out the 10 episodes he does have out.

The Lineup is the most professional-style podcast out of the bunch; Pinch My Salt and Ain’t That Swell are more comical and humorous in their presentation and style. Nate and Koa's podcast is an in-between of The Lineup and the other comical duos.

In-Depth is a surf coach podcast for those looking for tips to improve their surfing.

Looking for more surf entertainment? Check out the best surf movies today, plus the best surf books on the market.


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