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The Best Beach Blankets Today [Ultimate Guide]

One thing that can undoubtedly change your beach day is having the perfect beach blanket.

If you are tired of coming home with a soggy wet and sandy blanket that is 10 pounds heavier than when you left, this is the article for you!

I’ve taken a look at some of the best beach blankets on the market today and why they are worth your purchase.

So, take a glance and elevate your average beach day!

What Should You Look For in a Beach Blanket?

Beach Blanket Style

This blanket is yours to show off! So many of these brands listed below have stylish designs available, so choose one that best expresses yourself.

Cost of a Beach Blanket

Most of us already have a towel or blanket that is somewhat doing the job. With that being said, buying a new beach blanket shouldn’t be a huge investment.

Set a budget beforehand and find a product that adequately corresponds to your wants and needs.

Size of a Beach Blanket

As you are shopping, keep in mind if you are looking for a beach blanket to just fit yourself and maybe one other, or if you are in the market for one to fit your entire family for a beach day.

Some of these brands have a few more options for larger blankets than others.

The Best Beach Blankets Today

Sand Cloud Beach Blanket

Sand Cloud was founded in San Diego and was based on the two premises of reimagining the typical beach towel, and contributing money from their sales towards marine conservation.

With these ideals in mind, Sand Cloud crafted a towel/blanket made of turkish cotton and longer fibers.

This makes their product stronger, softer, and more absorbent. Plus, they have created hundreds of different stylish designs so you can pick one that perfectly suits you.

Learn more about this beach blanket.

Slowtide Beach Blanket

Slowtide has many different options when it comes to picking which kind of blanket you want.

Some features they have include a pocket, being lightweight, quick-drying, and oversized.

All of these are guaranteed to be made with soft and absorbent material.

Like Sand Cloud, these towels are made with the consideration of our environment.

All of Slowtide’s blankets are made out of 100% sustainable cotton and are tested against any harmful chemicals.

Learn more about this beach blanket.

Nomadix Festival Blanket

Nomadix has a variety of different patterned blankets that are efficient for the beach, camping, and yoga.

All their blankets are made from recycled plastic bottles, so you aren’t causing any additional harm to the environment with your purchase.

One thing that sets this blanket apart is how lightweight and compact it is.

Since these towels are designed the way they are, you can quickly shake off any and all sand, and stash your blanket in a small bag.

This is a perfect purchase for you if you are always on the go!

Learn more about this beach blanket.

Tesalate Beach Blanket

Tesalate is a company built solely around their towels and blankets.

With all their focus on one product, they were able to test and come up with the perfect blanket to meet all your needs.

Some of their notable features include sand-free technology, rapid-drying, ultra-absorbance, compactness, and being lightweight.

All of these features go to support their claim to fame, that their products leave the beach, at the beach.

Learn more about this beach blanket.


Eccosophy created a microfiber beach towel that is one of the cheapest on the market today.

Ranging from $35-$40, each towel is sand proof, quick drying, extremely absorbent, lightweight, and compact.

While these are features that are pretty similar with all the other listed brands, this company does it for cheaper.

Plus, this towel is reversible with different designs on each side!

Learn more about this beach blanket.

Beach Blanket Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of blanket is best for the beach?

A beach blanket should be one that can easily shake off sand, absorb water easily, and be pretty lightweight.

Most blankets are thick and fluffy, which would simply accumulate mounds of sand and bring all the sand from the beach home with you.

However, beach blankets are specifically designed to combat this problem and double as a towel.

Q. Are beach blankets worth it?

Short answer, yes!

Taking blankets that are meant for your house and putting them at the beach would simply destroy them and leave them a mess.

They weren’t created for that specific environment, so get one that is.

Q. What makes a beach blanket sand-proof?

Many beach blankets are made with specific sand proof technology that utilizes long microfibers.

This makes the product so that it absorbs water, but doesn’t cling onto sand.

So, your sand proof beach blanket should be able to be completely clean after just a few shakes.

Beach Blanket: The Bottom Line

After taking a look at all these products, it’s pretty clear the benefits that having a beach ready blanket can have.

It’s time to stop stealing all the sand off the beach with your blankets, and get one that makes your life just a little bit easier!


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