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What a Barbie Signature Surfboard Means for the Surf Industry — And How To Buy It

Quick, pop quiz: how many careers has Barbie had since inception in 1959?





If you answered 200+, you're right. From a doctor to lawyer, floral designer, game show host, rapper, Air Force pilot and more, Mattel's Barbie has done it all — and that includes surfing.

In 1975, Barbie hit the shelves wearing a hula skirt and holding a surfboard.

In 2012, Barbie made a cameo surfing in the children's animated film A Mermaid's Tale 2.

In 2020, to commemorate surfing entering the Olympics, Barbie hit the shelves with a surfboard.

It's Barbie's latest collaboration with surfing that seems the biggest of all: a Barbie signature 8-foot surfboard in collaboration with Wavestorm.

Photo courtesy Mattel

What does it mean for surfing, a sport that historically has stayed true to core surf brands while paddling away from mainstream brands?

Not only does Mattel & the Barbie Signature surfboard add color to lineups from Barbie's hometown of Malibu and beyond; it's a surfboard and a brand that the surf industry can support because what Barbie stands for, surfing does too.

The Barbie Signature surfboard was released alongside the Barbie film in July.


Without women, the sport of surfing wouldn't be what it is today.

Female-founded surf brands, along with others directed by women, creating top of the line surf gear for hot and cold temperatures that aren't just re-treads of old; instead incorporate creativity and style that make the lineup dance with color.

Cutting-edge media bringing us up-to-date coverage of our favorite surfers behind the scenes.

Women leading by example to protect that which we hold most dear — the sea — from pollution.

Photo courtesy Mattel

And, of course, world-class surfing: Bethany Hamilton's fearless takeoffs at head-high Pipeline with a razor-sharp reef looming below.

Stephanie Gilmore’s boundless grace on a glassy wave with judges and fans watching.

Carissa Moore’s on rail power surfing, spray exploding into the heavens.

All competing amongst each other for equal prize money of the men competing separately.

For decades, women have added technicolor to an otherwise gray canvas that is surfing.

That's exactly what Mattel & the Barbie Signature surfboard celebrates: the uniqueness that women add to the surf world.

Barbie's persona is that of strength, grace, independence, and fearlessness — three qualities that equally define women in surfing.


On a hot summer day in Central Florida, we did a field test of the Barbie Signature surfboard — small but rideable waves, and a crowded beach.

Not only did it surf and handle waves well — it attracted attention from both men and women.

Photo courtesy Mattel

Walking on the longboard walk, the comments started.

"What a pretty board!"

"Wow, that's the pinkest board I've seen!"

And they continued in the lineup:

"I love the design on your longboard!"

"Wait, is that a Barbie surfboard?"

The Barbie Signature surfboard received far more attention than any board we've field tested or surfed ourselves. And for a few young girls on the beach who admitted they never surfed, seeing the Barbie board suddenly gave them the desire to do so.

Photo courtesy Mattel

As far as dimensions, the Barbie Signature surfboard is:

  • 8 feet

  • 22.5 width

  • 3.25 thickness

  • 86 liters

  • 11.5 pound

On the wave itself, the Barbie Signature surfed like any other Wavestorm model: easy to catch waves, floating high on the surface of the water, easy to paddle, and overall fun.

This surfboard is perfect for the spectrum of women surfers, really: someone who's surfed contests and is looking for a board to cruise on; a weekend warrior who is looking for a board that is durable, and of course, beginner surfers.

With 200+ careers, Barbie shows you can do whatever you put your mind to — and if you’ve never surfed before, this is certainly the surfboard to learn on.

You can buy the Barbie Signature surfboard right here today.


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