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The 5 Best Places to Surf in Barbados: Surf Guide

Barbados is a small part of the Caribbean Islands, able to drive all of the way around the island in just 3 hours.

With crystal blue water and beautiful weather, this destination has everything a surfer could dream of, especially because the waves are epic.

Surfing in Barbados

What makes surfing unique in Barbados is that you get Hawaii-level surf at times but with less of a crowd. The island is only so small and although it is, there’s many surf spots.

This allows the limited number of people on the island to spread throughout the different surf spots and gives them a more enjoyable experience without having to paddle through a sea of people.

Don’t get me wrong, when it’s good, it’s good.

Spots can get crowded when a certain place is going off, but overall people tend to spread out and try out different waves.

When to Surf in Barbados

The best time of the year to surf Barbados is during the fall and winter, this is when the waves pick up and spots go off.

The great thing about waves being good during this time of the year is that most people don’t take vacations around then unless it’s December.

The summer time is the most busy season in Barbados when it comes to vacation people traffic.

Since the island is small and there are waves that surround the whole of it, each spot will break differently depending on what coast you are on and what the swell and wind directions are. I will discuss the best conditions for each of the surf spots that I will mention later on.

Surf Culture in Barbados

Surf culture in Barbados runs deep in history. The locals who live here have had their families here for generations and generations.

Although you would think the locals would be territorial of their paradise, everyone is very welcoming and loves to teach others the art of surfing.

A big part as to why the community is so welcoming is because a lot of the tourist traffic is a big contributor to local income and support since the island is so secluded and small.

Gear Needed to Surf in Barbados

No need for any cold water gear here in Barbados!

The only surfing gear you should be concerned with packing are your bikinis and board shorts, maybe a rash guard as well.

Don’t forget to buy a ton of sunscreen while you are there to stay safe from harmful UV rays from the sun, especially if you are at the beach and in the ocean all day.

The 5 Best Surf Breaks in Barbados

Soup Bowl

You have had to know this topic would come up while we discuss Barbados surfing. Kelly Slater considers this surf spot one of the best he has surfed in the entire world.

Located on the eastern coast, this break works the best with a N or NE swell paired with S or SW winds. It can get very big here when it’s going off and only expert surfers should paddle out.

The bottom of the break is a reef, so when it’s big it can be dangerous, but when it’s smaller there’s not as much concern as long as you are in control.

The best tide to surf this spot is at a mid-tide that’s coming in so that there’s some push to the waves.

This spot gets “morning sickness” sometimes, meaning that it can look awful right at sunrise but then clean off and be extremely fun later on in the morning or afternoon.


With a cool name comes firing surf.

Tropicana is a spot for advanced surfers located on the western coast.

This surf spot is a steep, barreling left on a shallow fire coral reef. This break works best with a NW swell and E or NE wind directions.

This spot can be intimidating due to the experienced locals who surf it, but if you are respectful and know the rules out there you may be in for the most perfect surf session of your life.


A spot that I would love to ride one day is Maycock’s. As a regular footer who surfs both longboard and shortboard, this place is paradise.

Maycock’s is a peeling right on a reef point break that can barrel on bigger days and be mellow on smaller days.

The crowd is not too bad there and everyone is welcomed.

This spot works best with a N or NW swell and a E or NE wind direction.

It’s best during low tide that’s pushing in, outgoing tides tend to make the wave lose power.


Parlour, located near Soup Bowl on the eastern coast of Barbados, is a fun wave for all skill level surfers since the spot can hold any bit of swell.

If everywhere else is flat, Parlour is working.

This spot is an A-frame on a reef that is usually very light in crowds.

This break works best at a NE or E swell paired with a S or SW wind at a low or incoming tide.


Mostly lefts, Brandon’s is an all-levels-of-surfing friendly wave on the southernmost part of Barbados.

The bottom of the break is a little more user-friendly since it is a sand covered reef as opposed to the previously talked about fire coral and hard reefs.

This spot works best with an ESE or SE swell direction paired with offshore winds and high tide.

What to Do in Barbados when Waves are Flat

Barbados is the destination for you if you are looking for a chill, beach town with many things in nature to explore.

For example, you can go sailing, cave exploring, snorkeling, scuba diving, feed sea turtles, and even go on a safari. After doing those activities, go try some of the finest rum you can find in the world.

Barbados Surf Guide

Barbados is a great surf trip destination for those searching for a place with multiple types of waves that break on all different swell and wind directions. With the island being small, you could stay anywhere and still be able to surf wherever you would like to. There’s a wave for everyone in Barbados!


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