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The Ultimate Guide to Wingfoil Gear for Beginners & Pros

Wing foiling is a relatively new sport, as much of the progress has bin made in the last decade. While modern foiling as we know it is new, wing foiling has bin around since the 1980’s. 

It wasn’t until 2011 when Tony Logosz, Slingshot Kiteboarding co-founder & designer, created a modern wing prototype. 

This expensive sport can cost around $1200 for a beginner setup and up to $4000 for a advanced top of the line setup. 

To make it easier for you to get a feel for the sport, we have created a breakdown of the beginner, intermediate, and advanced Foils and Wings that are currently on the market.

Best WingFoil Gear for Beginners and Pros



Gong Wing Foil X-Over ALU €399 to €489 

Gong is an extremely well known and reliable company that is based in France. 

They make high quality budget friendly wing foiling gear, with everything from foils to boards and wings. 

The Wing Foil X-Over ALU is a great place to start for a beginner, it is lightweight has plenty of lift, stability, speed and maneuverability.


Duotone is the number one selling wing foil brand in the world. 

They are known for their high-quality carbon fiber materials, but that will come at a cost. 

The Aero Free SLS Foil carries lots of speed and maneuverability and allows tons of lift, glide, and pump. 

When going for a company like Duotone, you are paying for something that will last a long time if kept well; it may even last you a lifetime if you have no intention of upgrading to the latest tech.


F-One is the top of the line when it comes to foiling and wing foiling gear. 

They are always up to the latest tech, and it shows as many professionals tend to go for F-One. 

While the price at first glance for the Phantom Carbon is lower than that of the Duotone foil, keep in mind that it is missing the fuselage (the metal beam that attaches the foil base to the board). 

The fuselage will have you shelling out another $1000 to $1500 plus the materials to connect the two. 

With that being said, the Phantom Carbon allows for agile carves and turns while being extremely efficient at pumping and maintaining speed. It has great lift and can be used both for surf foiling and wing foiling.

Wings for Wingfoils


Gong Wing Plus  €449 - €579

The simplicity of this wing is perfect for those looking to begin in the sport of wing foiling or to progress to tricks and maneuvers. 

It carries great speed and is suitable for freestyle, plus it is well-equipped for light wind while maintaining control. 

The beginner length is typically around four to five meters.


Duotone Unit Wing  $750 - $1000

The flexibility of usage in the Unit Wing allows for rapid progression while also giving the user the ability to take to the air. 

The lightweight construction excels in downwind, freestyle, and freeride use. 

The carbon handle that is attached to the wing is sturdy and will last as long as good maintenance is practiced.


Made with high-quality carbon and a micro ripstop polyester known as NANO, the stability, lightness, maneuverability, and control make it the ideal wave-riding and down winding wing, all while being suitable for mostly all conditions. 

Its impressive balance and control also make it a perfect freeride wing.

Leashes for Wingfoils

There are two types of leashes for wing foils, either wrist or waist leashes, or some enthusiast will use a wrist leash for the wing and a waist leash for the board.  

Wrist leash specifically designed for the wing. 

Waist leash designed for any foil boards and is eight feet in length. 

Safety Gear for Wingfoiling


All Simba helmets are lightweight and durable.

The beauty is they fit snug on the user’s head and offer all-around ear and cheek protection as an extra precaution. Used by many pro surfers, kite surfers, and wing foilers.

Impact Vest

The Florence Marine X Modular Impact Suit is the best impact wetsuit on the market.

While the price is hefty, the materials and longevity of the suit are what you pay for. It is made of 100% sustainable Japanese neoprene, and the foam is EVA foam impact padding.

The customization of the foam inserts allows the user to determine how much protection is preferred.

If John John Florence (founder of Florence Marine X) can charge at Waimea wearing this suit, then it is more than capable for wing foiling.

Eye Protection

Lip Sunglasses $100 - $200

Eye protection is up to the rider but is highly recommended as it can be both useful for blocking the sun, reducing water glare, and impact protection.

Lip sunglasses are made of lightweight and flexible plastic that they claim is indestructible.

They offer 100% UV protection and a wide field of view.

The Bottom Line: Wingfoil Gear for Beginners 

Wing foiling is a blend of kitesurfing, traditional foiling, and surfing. While it is a costly sport, there is a relatively large community of wing foilers worldwide. 

There are so many brands that were not included in this piece that could have easily topped the list. 

Gong and Duotone are recognized for their quality materials and performance, while F-One offers cutting-edge technology. 

Just like surfing and choosing the right surfboard, everything comes down to preference and desired budget. 

The only thing not included in this breakdown are the boards themselves that attach to the foils.


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