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Where to Surf in Saquarema

We’ve discussed many of Rio’s top surf spots, but Saquarema itself is arguably one of the best places to surf in Brazil.

The town itself is beautiful but with world class waves, this town is a no-brainer choice when picking a surf trip destination.

Saquarema Surf Guide

What makes Saquarema so unique is the fact that the sand bottom beaches can hold a large range of swells from tiny to massive.

Saquarema during a small swell is almost unrecognizable to Saquarema during a large swell.

This spot is where the Oi Rio Pro is held for the professionals competing on the world tour which is one of my favorite competitions to tune into just because of how crazy supportive the locals are for their fellow Brazilian competitors.

When one of the Brazilians does something sick, the entire (incredibly crowded) beach goes nuts with joy.

Waves in Saquarema

Like I said, the waves themselves in Saquarema can be anywhere from small to massive but on average, you’ll see the waves at a chest to overhead high size.

The best time of the year to surf Saquarema would be during Brazil’s fall or winter when storms off the coast produce near-perfect waves.

The waves here are very consistent though, so even if it’s not winter or fall there’s still going to be something out there or at a nearby spot for surfers.

Surf Culture in Saquarema

Just like any other surf town in Brazil, it’s true for Saquarema too that the surf culture here is incredible.

The town itself used to be very small and quiet around the 70’s until surfing absolutely boomed here all of a sudden when the town started pumping out some of the CT's best surfers.

Now, Saquarema has been named the surfing capital in Brazil and hosts local and Championship Tour competitions annually with help from the massive support of locals and supporters of the community.

Some of the best local surf shops in town include Saquarema Surf Store and Vila Beach Surfing.

Surf Gear Needed in Saquarema

When it comes to deciding what kind of surf gear to wear when taking the waters of Saquarema, you don’t need to pack heavy because the waters stay pretty consistent year-round although there are definitely colder days in the winter.

Most of the time, you will be just fine in bikinis and board shorts because the average temperature in the summer there is 80 degrees fahrenheit.

During the winter, sea temperatures can go down to around an average of 69 degrees fahrenheit and you may need to throw on a 2mm wetsuit top or a spring suit so that you can be more comfortable out in the water for a longer amount of time.

Best Waves in Saquarema


Itauna is the most consistent breaking wave along the stretch of Saquarema waves.

An E or SE swell allows for great conditions and the waves are normally a hollow and dredgy left and right right at the point.

Towards the middle of Itauna, it resembles just a normal beach break with multiple peaks for you to spread out on.

You have a beautiful view of the old church on the rocky hill that’s a famous landmark for Saquarema.

On the weekends and during perfect swells, it can become very crowded although most of the time on the weekdays, the crowd isn’t too bad and people just keep to themselves.

Vila Beach

Praia da Vila is another part of the Saquarema coastline surf spot which holds big swell- just like every other spot in Saquarema.

I think it’s just safe to say at this point that Saquarema will hold the big swells while having great form while other places in Rio or Brazil may start to close out.

What makes Vila Beach and the rest of Saquarema unique is that they are all sand bottom breaks.

Those sandbars must be sturdy to be able to hold huge surf like Saquarema can.

What To Do In Saquarema When Waves Are Flat

Flat? Ok, if you are truly one of the unlucky ones and find yourself in Saquarema when the waves have gone flat, then here are some other options for you.

You can have yourself a history day and visit landmarks like Christ the Redeemer in the city of Rio and Avenida Nossa Senhora de Nazareth (the cute little church on the hill of the Saquarema beach).

Beach it for the time of your trip as well because the beaches are incredibly beautiful and there’s a lot of it to explore including nature areas and big rocky parts.

Go snorkeling or scuba diving in the water or fishing and exploring on a boat rental.

There are beautiful hikes with waterfalls and rainforests and you can also go for a bit of a drive over to Rio and explore around the city.

Saquarema Surfing

Overall, Saquarema is a one-of-a-kind place in Brazil to visit and is home to some of the best surfing the country has to offer.

When choosing your next surf destination, don’t hesitate on Saquarema or any other town in Rio because you will not be disappointed. You need to experience it at some point in your life!


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