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USA Surfing Longboard Championship Draws Big Names and Record Numbers

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Via USA Surfing — A record number of longboarders from across the nation and Hawaii competed in 2-4’ connecting, glassy rights and lefts at the USA Surfing Longboard Championship in Oceanside this week.

Photo: USA Surfing

It was the first time the Oceanside USA Surfing Longboard Championship was a qualifier for the International Surfing Association’s (ISA) World Longboard Championship event, which in turn qualifies longboarders for the Pan Am Games.

Photo: USA Surfing

After several round-robin heats, Brendan White (La Jolla, Calif.) and Cole Robbins (Santa Barbara, Calif.) finished first and second in Open Men, qualifying them to represent their country at the ISA World Longboard Championship.

Photo: USA Surfing

Avalon Gall (Los Angeles, Calif.) and Kaitlin Mikkelsen (Encinitas, Calif.) finished first and second in the Open Women division and will represent the U.S. in the ISA World Longboard Championship.

The date and location for ISA World's are TBD.

2022 USA Surfing Longboard Championships Results

Open Men Longboard

1st Brendan White

2nd Cole Robbins

3rd Kevin Skvarna

4th Jack Van Wagoner

Open Women Longboard

1st Avalon Gall

2nd Kaitlin Mikkelsen

3rd Indie Hoffman

4th Frankie Seely

Girls U18 Longboard

1st Indie Hoffman

2nd Natalie Wunderlich

3rd Mia McMahon

4th Sofia Todd

Girls U14 Longboard

1st Reid Van Wagoner

2nd Evelyn McDevitt

3rd Madison Bennett

4th Hope Mccarren

Womens Longboard 18-39

1st Fiona Sargente

2nd Heather Young

Boys U14 Longboard

1st Kalanoweo Desoto

2nd Slater Todd

3rd Harper King

4th Bobo Gallagher

Men Longboard 18-39

1st James Holmes

2nd Yoshi Sanada

3rd Matt Franklin

Junior Men Longboard U18

1st Jack Van Wagoner

2nd Gavin Idone

3rd Noah Hogle

4th Asher Moore

Senior Mens Longboard 40+

1st Wesley Moore

2nd Robert Snelling

3rd Andre Derizans

4th Clayton Everline


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