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U.S. Board Riders Clubs Formed to Support the Development of the Board Riders Club Movement

Laguna Beach, California (July 7, 2021)—In a move to support the flourishing local board riders club movement in beach cities from coast to coast, a group of dedicated surfers has formed US BOARD RIDERS CLUBS, a California non-profit corporation, it was announced today by Don Meek, president of USBRC.

“It’s been amazing to witness the excitement and enthusiasm for local board riders clubs here in the US” said Meek in making the announcement. “For years the Australians seemed to be having all the fun with their long and storied board riders club culture, but make no mistake, we’ve caught on and we’re just getting started. The way we see it, the Future is Local”

Today USBRC counts 36 affiliated board riders clubs in 4 chapters, Including West Coast Board Riders—WCBR (16), South Jersey Board Riders—SJBR (8), Mid Atlantic Board Riders—MABR (2) and Florida Board Riders—FBR (8) with a number of additional chapters and clubs in various stages of development.

WCBR event set-up at Surfer’s Point in Ventura - Abe Alarcon With a vision of creating lifelong relationships and allegiance to one’s hometown, each USBRCaffiliated club offers unique opportunities for surfers of all ages and skill levels to get involved and be part of their local culture and traditions.

“Our Seal Beach Board Riders Club has completely changed the vibe here in Seal Beach,” said SBBRC president Chad Wells when asked for a comment about what it has meant to his hometown. “We’re tighter than we’ve ever been, and it’s just amazing to see the friendship and camaraderie across generations.”

USBRC has developed a club management framework for local clubs to follow, and also serves as the organizing body for events on the West Coast as well as the USBRC National Championship which will bring the top clubs from across the country to compete next April at world-famous Lower Trestles.

Clubs compete within their chapters in events that feature seven divisions with four surfers per club per division in a tag team format that is both fun and exciting for surfers and spectators.


• U14

• 15-19

• 20-29

• 30-39

• 40-49

• 50+

• Open Women’s

Legends of WCBR and icons of surf - Ron Lyon photo “We’ve got a proven format that is both challenging and fun for our surfers.” said USBRC Commissioner Darren ‘Brillo’ Brillhart. “But for me the best part of our events is watching the local heroes coaching the kids and cheering them on. Typically surf contests are all about the individual, but with ours it’s all about the team.”

And it’s not just the events that make USBRC clubs special.

“Don’t get me wrong, we love to compete.” said Dana Point Surf Club president Eric ‘E.D.’ Diamond “But it’s the stuff we do year-round like our annual fishing trip, beach clean-ups, scholarship awards and the days we help teach the kids from the San Juan Capistrano Boys & Girls Club how to surf that makes our club so meaningful to everyone involved. We’re building lifelong relationships and I’m stoked to be a part of it.”

USBRC is managed by a board of directors consisting of Don Meek, Christopher Moreno, Tom Reilly, David Scibal and Ziggy Williams.

In addition to the BOD, USBRC has named an advisory board which is led by USBRC Commissioner Darren ‘Brillo’ Brillhart and includes Matt Meyers from WCBR North, Val Aipa from WCBR Central, Frankie D’Andrea from WCBR South, Rob Kelley from SJBR, David Portch from MABR and Dane Jeffreys from FBR.

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