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The Best Tide Watches Reviewed for 2024

Reading the tides is essential in the search for good waves, and in 2024, it has never been easier.

With organizations like Surfline, a complete tide synopsis is only a few internet tabs away at any given moment.

With tide watches, however, it can be as easy as checking the time.

Finding a tide watch that is accurate, durable, and comfortable can be a tricky task, but there are a few tide watches that stand above the rest in terms of quality.

The Best Tide Watches

Nixon High Tide Watch

The Nixon High Tide is hard to come by in terms of quality.

With a stainless-steel bezel and plush rubber strap, the High Tide is both comfortable and durable.

It has a high-resolution screen and customizable interface, making it ideal for those looking for personalization.

If you are looking for alarm functionality, however, the High Tide might be a letdown, but it is a great piece of equipment for any lineup, nonetheless.

Learn more about this tide watch.

Shark Classic Tide Watch 600

For those looking for comfort, the Shark Classic Tide 600 by Freestyle is an excellent choice.

The entire build is made from soft rubber, fitting seamlessly under a wetsuit sleeve.

The Shark Classic has a customizable interface with the added ability to calibrate your favorite spots with ease.

It is worth noting that size was sacrificed for comfort with the Shark Classic, making the screen smaller and dimmer than other watches, but at $120, it is both functional and affordable.

Learn more about this tide watch.

G-Shock GBX-100

The G-Shock GBX-100 Series is unmatched in functionality compared to other watches on the market.

From moon graphs to tide charts and alarm systems, the G-Shock GBX-100 is the Swiss Army watch of the industry.

With an impressive water rating of 200m, it is perfect for those looking for more than your typical freediving watch, and at $160, it is a sweet deal.

It may be bulky for some, but if you are willing to deal with some extra size, then you will surely be rewarded.

Learn more about this tide watch.

Rifles Midsized Tide Watch

The Rifles Midsized Tide by Rip Curl is the best mid-sized watch available.

If you are looking for comfort but also readability, then the Rifles Midsized is a happy medium with a bright screen and rubber build.

It has 500 pre-programmed graphs for a variety of locations, so it isn’t the most customizable watch out there, but it will do the job for most surfers.

At $160, the Rifles Midsized won’t break the bank either, making it one of the most well-rounded tide watches available.

Automatic Tide Watch

For surfers on a budget, the Automatic Watch by Rip Curl is a safe bet. At $106, the Automatic Watch provides tide charts, an alarm clock, a calendar system, and other functions as well.

Made with polyurethane, it is not the most durable watch by any stretch, but it is a comfortable fit.

The Automatic Watch is not the most impressive tide watch out there, but who can argue with that price tag?

Learn more about this tide watch.

The Bottom Line: Tide Watches

The modern world is full of junk toys and scrap electronics that make it difficult to sift through the weeds in search of good products.

These tide watches, however, are one-time purchases that will make the process of reading the tide simpler, along with all the functions that a basic watch should provide.

If you buy one of these tide watches, you will never miss the perfect tide, making your search for peeling waves that much easier.


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