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The 3 Best Surf Spots in Fort Pierce, Florida

Known as “The Sunrise City”, Fort Pierce is home to some of Florida’s most beautiful sunrises, crystal blue water, white sanded beaches, sunny weather, and some fun surf breaks.

Fort Pierce is more of a vacation and retiring spot, so usually the town is on the quiet side compared to the neighboring city of West Palm Beach.

There’s plenty to explore here whether it’s historical sites, nature, and more. The waves really pick up here with the right swell, so overall, it is a great surf trip destination.

Surfing in Ft. Pierce

Waves in Fort Pierce

The waves average around 2-3 feet. I say this because in the summertime, it will go flat for weeks with some ground swell or a storm off the coast every now and then that brings in some fun waves.

The best time to surf Fort Pierce is during the fall and the winter. During the fall, hurricane season brings in great swell, one storm after the other.

When winter rolls around, the waves are still great and there’s good NE swells. It is also better to surf here during the fall or winter because of the crowd. There’s less of a crowd during those times of the year due to school being in session or people not wanting to bear the colder waters.

Surf Culture in Ft. Pierce

Although Fort Pierce is considered south Florida, I would say that the surf culture here is great and probably the last good bit before you keep going south.

The community here is really nice and friendly and you are bound to make a few connections and friends while surfing out there if you are kind and respectful.

As it goes for any surf town, don’t be a doofus out in the water and you will be just fine.

Gear Needed to Surf in Ft. Pierce

Fort Pierce is in south Florida, so you won’t be needing too much cold water gear, although sometimes freak seasons happen where it’s so unbearably cold everywhere in Florida.

On average, the lowest temperature may reach around 68 degrees fahrenheit during the winter, early spring or late fall.

During this time of the year I recommend you have a spring suit or a thin full suit. During really cold winters, you may need a 3’2mm full suit.

Most of the time though, here in Fort Pierce you will be just fine in a bikini and board shorts.

The 3 Best Surf Spots in Fort Pierce Florida

Ft. Pierce Inlet

Longboarding is a popular choice here in Ft. Pierce, especially the inlet, although every kind of board is welcomed out here.

When it gets big, you will see A-frames or some fun rights out there.

The best tide is high and the crowd can get very hefty here due to Fort Pierce being the first surf spot stop that is out of the Bahamas swell block that causes frustration down south.

This is a sand bottom break and all ability levels of surfers are more than welcomed here as long as you are kind and respectful of others.

The access to the state park where this break is located does not open up until 8.

The best swell and wind directions are a NE or ENE swell paired with S, SW, or W winds.

P.V. Martin’s

P.V. Martin’s is a local restaurant in town which is right on the beach at this fun surf break, so that’s where the name comes from.

This is the spot to go to if you are trying to avoid the crowd that can get quite horrible at Ft. Pierce Inlet. All levels of surfers are welcomed here although the spot is not consistent.

The best conditions for P.V. Martin’s would be a NE or ENE swell mixed with SW or W wings.

The best tide to surf is during low tide pushing high so that there’s a little more of a push.

Blind Creek Park

The best conditions to surf Blind Creek Park is a NE swell paired with some WNW winds at a high tide.

Shockingly enough, although most beaches in Florida have a sand bottom, here at Blind Creek Park there’s a mix of reed and sand, so be aware and careful around that reef.

There needs to be a lot of swell in order for this spot to work, but when it’s big, this is where you should be.

The crowd is not bad at all and all levels of surfers are welcomed here.

What To Do In Fort Pierce When Waves Are Flat

Fort Pierce is one of the oldest cities in Florida and has many sights to see, both historic and natural sites.

For nature views, check out the Heathcote Botanical Gardens, Ft. Pierce Inlet State Park, Summer Crush Vineyard and Winery, and Jetty Park.

For other options, go see something at Sunrise Theatre, the Downtown Farmer’s Market, Downtown Fort Pierce, and the National Navy SEAL Museum.

Fort Pierce Surf Guide

Fort Pierce is a quiet and extremely beautiful town with pretty sights to see and some fun waves that really start working with the right swells.

The people and community here are very sweet and welcoming. Check out Fort Pierce on your south Florida surf trip or sightseeing trip.


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